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BASG gets its first critique

Thanks to some Google Alerts wizardry from my lovely fiance Sports Girl Liz, we found out that not only is there a new SB Nation Bay Area site, but they’re the first media outlet to fully dissect my “5 Things the Warriors can do” post from a couple days ago, passage by passage. Or any of my posts, really. Thankfully, the treatment from Brian Chung is much kinder than what you’d read Big Daddy Drew write about Peter King’s Monday Morning QB columns.

After checking out the overall site, SB Nation Bay Area looks pretty darn good (as well as pretty darn familiar, font-wise). I was thinking maybe it would just be an SEO booster that did nothing much more than link back to McCovey Chronicles, Niner Nation and Golden State of Mind content. A year ago, there was no real CSN Bay Area website to speak of, and ESPN was trying out ESPN Chicago. Now by the end of the year there will be three companies fighting for the attention of the fan who wants to go to a Bay Area-specific hub: the “Worldwide Leader,” a cable company hell-bent on owning everything in the country by 2019, and the blog network that features some of the most heavily trafficked team-specific blogs out there.

What does this mean for me? Not much, since your boy is still riding solo. If I were a rapper, I’d have my own independent label, and I’d be handing out CD’s in front of the Ross on Market Street, bragging to passers by about how I used to drive past E-40’s neighborhood on my way to work. It’s cool. I can still make fun of our local sports “celebrities” and media personalities from my perch. I’d probably curse more too, except my 89-year-old grandmother tells me she reads all my posts. Damn, I need to stop before I start sounding like Gary Radnich, going on and on about myself. That’s only slightly better than going on and on about the Giants.

But now that you mention it…

— Operation: EDGAR FREEDOM needs to start immediately, because Edgar needs to be set free! This is an important mission, one that is key to the club’s security because Renteria’s glove has become a weapon of mass destruction. Don’t worrry Brian Sabean! If you release Edgar he will greet you, Bochy and Baer as liberators! He might try to topple the Willie Mays statue in front of AT&T after you release him, but that’s only because he’s celebrating!

— The Giants’ defensive skills (or lack thereof) are coming to the surface like pot stickers in boiling water. But that’s not the biggest problem. When your rookie fifth starter is pitching in Coors Field against a guy not named Ubaldo Jimenez, and you only come up with three runs, you deserve to lose. At least Buster Posey celebrated life post-Bengie with a nice little opposite field homer. I don’t care that it was in Coors Field, I can’t remember a single opposite field extra-base hit by Molina during his time in San Francisco.

— They’re totally showcasing Nate Schierholtz right now, just like they did Bengie.

— Darko Milicic, Amir Johnson, Drew Gooden and John Salmons all received huge money, long-term contracts. Rudy Gay and Joe Johnson were maxed out before Chris Bosh tweeted what he ate for lunch yesterday. None of the players signed have ever sold a single overpriced ticket in their lives, except perhaps Gooden and Gay when they were in college. This is proof of one thing: half of all NBA GMs are on angeldust. PCP. Sherm. No other explanation.

— The Knicks are screwed. It’s obvious that “The Prokhorov” and Jay-Z are infinitely more powerful in this than James Dolan could ever hope to be, and Chicago makes much more basketball sense. Combine that with Cleveland flatly refusing to do a sign-and-trade and there really seems to be no reason for LeBron James to sign with New York. Proof that the Knicks are desperate: they’re trying to max out Amare Stoudemire, who’ll probably suffer another catastrophic injury on his way to his first Knicks press conference. Doubt LeBron wants to go play on Suns 2.0 without Steve Nash.

— And none of this is going to matter in a basketball sense unless the Bulls sign LeBron and Wade/Bosh, because the Lakers re-signed Phil Jackson and are trying to lock up Mike Miller. And even the Bulls would have trouble with interior defense, because Noah was banged up for much of last season. It seems like unless Mark Cuban has something crazy up his sleeve to pair LeBron with Dirk and trade for another superstar using Erick Dampier’s expiring contract (which I don’t think is even possible, although Cuban will try), the Lakers are the prohibitive favorites next year.

— This might be it for a while, folks, as I’m off to Hawaii. First vacation in two years, and I think SGL might kill me if I do any writing while in Kauai (even though our place has wireless internet!). I may pop in and check things out, but I may be too tipsy off mai tais and breezes that are actually warm, unlike San Francisco. So until I get back, may the Giants win a game or two, may Schierholtz still be on the team and may the Warriors get sold. Cohan, aloha means good-bye.

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