March Madness

You’re invited to enter the 6th annual BASG March Madness Contest (it’s free)

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It’s that time again, the moment where we all pretend we’ve been paying close attention throughout the college basketball season and put our reputations on the line. That’s right, this is when I invite all of you to join our BASG March Madness Bracket Challenge!

You might think to yourself, “What chance do I have of winning this thing against a supposed ‘Sports Guy’?”

Don’t worry about that, because I’ve shown throughout the previous five contests that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing at Tourney Time. Plus, it’s free to join and you can win valuable prizes.

Third Place

$25 iTunes Gift Card: Tired of your favorite radio station playing that Nelly song for two days in a row (and counting)? If finding another channel is an impossibility, this prize might just save your life.

Second Place

$50 Amazon Gift Card: I’m pretty sure Amazon Prime has a direct link to my wife’s brain these days. She doesn’t even need to go to the site, choose an item and click “check out” anymore. All she has to do is think of something we “need,” and a day later some delivery guy is buzzing our front gate and I head downstairs like a zombie to collect the latest package. If this is similar to your life situation, this prize will come in very handy.

First Place

Two tickets to a Golden State Warriors game: The Warriors were nice enough to give us two tickets last season. I’m hoping they’ll toss another pair of tickets our way this year, but if they don’t we’ll buy a pair. Either way, if your bracket reigns supreme, you’ll get to watch Stephen Curry — one of the most exciting NCAA Tournament performers in recent memory — live and in person.

How do you enter? If you played last season, you should’ve received an invitation on Sunday evening. If you didn’t get an invite or play last year, just head to this link. I’ll provide periodic updates throughout the Tournament to let everyone know how poorly I’m doing.

Before you head off to fill out your brackets — hich must be completed by Thursday morning — here’s a gif of a ridiculous dunk by Arizona Wildcats freshman Aaron Gordon. I’m not a college basketball expert these days (I used to watch ESPN religiously in the 1990s, not anymore), but this year’s tournament should be one of the most interesting in years with all the NBA-ready talent currently in the college ranks. Those players won’t be in school for long, so the next few weeks gives us a great opportunity to watch them play for winning teams before getting drafted by some awful NBA squad like the Sixers, Lakers or Celtics.

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