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BASG March Madness still wide open

Great Odin’s Raven looked to be having a historically great bracket … and then the bottom fell out of the Big East. Syracuse and Pittsburgh, two teams in the Raven’s Final Four, are never more (until maybe next year). And since like 15 other contestants he chose Kansas as his National Champion, his chances of winning the overall crown are slim if not impossible.

The vaunted Big East was a bracket buster for nearly everyone this past weekend. Whether it was the Orange, Panthers, Notre Dame or even St. John’s, upsets of highly seeded teams out of college basketball’s (supposed) SuperConference created a contest where only nine teams ended the weekend with their Final Four intact (possible points in parentheses):

4. Guano (165)
8. Fixing Clam Chowder (163)
8. The Real Deal (159)
22. Critical_Cynic (156)
31. Bringing home the bacon (155)
36. Chip-otle (158)
36. Alaa Abdelnaby Bracket (154)
36. BASG* (154)
46. One for the Jimmer (157)

* This is not me, but someone else who stole my name. Wish I would have stolen his Final Four picks.

As for me, if you care to hear about a guy who couldn’t figure out how to click “San Diego St.” as the National Champion in a bracket he created … I gave up on this contest a while ago. It’s probably going to be Ohio St. or Kansas as the champs, which is probably why 75% of the brackets in this contest had the Buckeyes or Jayhawks winning it all. However, I had a blast on Friday night watching my adopted school, University of Washington, defeat Georgia. I couldn’t wait to see them play UNC on Sunday at 12:15.

12:15 … in the Eastern time zone. Unfortunately, my wife (who went to UW) failed to notice this and I failed to double-check the schedule myself, and as is per usual on a Sunday, we slept in. When she got a text from her dad after waking up asking if we were watching the West Coast Huskies, I knew we had made a major error. We jumped out of bed, turned on the TV, and got to watch the final 8 seconds of the contest, otherwise known as one of the most pathetic endings I’ve ever seen.

First, the inbound pass was stolen, turning a 1-point North Carolina lead into a 3-point cushion. Then, the recently suspended and criminally overrated Venoy Overton took the ball with over 5 seconds left and decided to attempt a Reggie Miller, hurling a wayward halfcourter while trying to draw a foul. You guys probably know how that went, and about the extra time the officials allowed to elapse. Then the great Isaiah Thomas shot a last-second three that might have been interfered with, although there wasn’t conclusive evidence the shot was interfered with and it was a two anyway so who cares. Yeah, I was in a good mood on Sunday morning.

Lots of good games so far in the tournament, but everything’s gone pretty much the opposite that I’d hope. At least my would-be champion Aztecs are still alive. Maybe they’ll win the whole thing and I’ll tell everyone that I’m the true winner of the contest. I’m sure that would go over well.

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