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BASG meet-up photos & thank-yous, plus Amici’s contest winner announcement

These meet-ups always seem to go better when the home team everyone is root-root-rooting for wins, and this one was fun. The place was packed with people wearing red jerseys, and the noise from Northstar Cafe could probably be heard from at least a block away whenever the 49ers scored or prevented the Panthers from scoring.

I probably heard the word “nervous” uttered at least a few dozen times between 9 am and halftime, but once Vernon Davis got both feet inbounds to give the 49ers the lead and a truckload of hot pizza pies arrived a few minutes later, a sense of calm came over the place. The Panthers went three-and-out on their first drive, the 49ers scored a touchdown on their ensuing possession, and everyone was full and happy.

Here are some photos from the event — which happened to take place exactly a year to the date of another 49ers/Northstar/Amici’s meet-up, when a group of rowdy fans watched the 49ers beat the Packers during a Divisional Round playoff game that took place on a Saturday evening.

Thanks to Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria for feeding everyone, thanks to Northstar Cafe for letting us use their back room and all their continued hospitality, and thanks to the friends and family who came and watched a little playoff football with us!

Amici's feast 49ers BASG meet-up

amici's east coast pizzeria 49ers BASG meet-up

amici's northstar cafe 49ers

amici's BASG fan meet-up

amici's northstar 49ers basg

amici's 49ers northstar basg meet-up

amici's northstar 49ers panthers meet-up basg

49ers celebration northstar basg meet-up amici's

amici's basg meet-up

northstar 49ers basg meet-up

49ers northstar cafe basg meet-up

49ers panthers bay area sports guy meet-up

You can see these and a few more photos from our event on our Facebook page.

One last thing: congratulations to Spree6350, the commenter who won last week’s Amici’s contest. Spree gets a 20-person pizza + champagne party for him and 19 of his coworkers, catered by Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. “I can’t believe I won,” Spree said. “I never win anything!” Well, now that isn’t true anymore.

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