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BASG NCAA Madness: Only two left dancing

For 26 of the 28 entrants in the BASG NCAA Madness pool, the only reason to watch the rest of the NCAA Tournament is just to see who won. No cookies, no editorial control over, no guts…no glory. But for two contestants (both of whom are women who watch little to no college basketball, a fact that shows why Las Vegas never loses money during Tourney Time), this next weekend means everything.

It’s Meatballs vs. Just The Tip for the title, which means this year’s BASG NCAA Madness is truly a “package” deal. So who you got, the “balls” or “the tip”? Let’s see how this thing will…um…shake out with all eight Championship Game possibilities explored with the relevant team names in italics (Thanks to the Yahoo “Scenario Generator” for help with this effectively doing this for me):

Villanova defeats Michigan State: Meatballs wins with 95 pts, Just The Tip comes in second with 93.

Villanova defeats Connecticut: Just The Tip wins with 109 pts, Guano-mania is second with 102, Just Mail The Cookies Now (winner of the most incorrect team name, just ahead of Villanova Wins who picked Louisville to win it all) finishes third with 96, with Meatballs coming in fourth with 95.

Michigan State defeats Villanova: Meatballs 95, Just The Tip 93.

Michigan State defeats North Carolina: Meatballs 111, Just The Tip 109.

Connecticut defeats Villanova: Just The Tip wins with 141 pts, BatPoop-mania is the runner up with 134, with JMTCN and Meatballs coming in third and fourth with 96 and 95, respectively.

Connecticut defeats North Carolina: Just The Tip wins with an amazing 157 pts, Bat Crap comes in second with 150 and Meatballs comes in third with 111.

North Carolina defeats Michigan State: Meatballs wins with 143, Bald Eagle soars to second with 137, crossing my fingers is third with 134, Presidential Picks (AKA: Barack Obama’s bracket) comes in fourth with 123…Just The Tip comes in tied for sixth with Dead Flowers at 109.

North Carolina defeats Connecticut: Same as the last scenario, with Meatballs winning with 143, Bald Eagle second with 137 and crossing my fingers third with 134. Just The Tip moves ahead of Obama in fourth with 125.

What does all this mean? If Tom-to-the-Izzo and Michigan St. beat UConn, Meatballs can cut down the nets on Saturday night. However, since the favored matchup looks to be Connecticut vs. North Carolina, don’t expect this to get sorted out before Monday night’s National Championship game. Of course, I picked Memphis to win it all even though John Calipari apparently already had one foot out the door on his way to Kentucky, so take my NCAA predictions with a grain of salt.

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