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If you’re a fan of awkward radio, you could do worse than tuning into “THE GARY RADNICH SHOW (with larry krueger)” when Adam Meyer (otherwise known as “Adam Wins”) comes on to promote his handicapping site. It’s not awkward so much for the dialogue, which is no different than any of the other paid betting-related segments KNBR shoves down our throats.

What’s noteworthy is how Radnich goes completely silent when Meyer comes on, almost in protest.

Radnich usually inserts himself into every interview, often laughing over Krueger when his questions get too far into the nuts and bolts of x’s and o’s for Radnich’s liking. But when Meyer comes on, Krueger steers the ship allows Meyer to pitch some joke of a deal to the poor gambling-addicted souls listening and believing that they can make their money back with one good weekend.

Sample Meyer line: “Since we had a tough week in college football, I’m going to offer a gift to your listeners. For just $300 we’re going to give you the rest of the college football season.”

What a bargain.

Once the Meyer segment is over, Radnich pipes up once again and makes a couple jokes as producer Mike Holer tries to usher the show into a commercial break. Whenever I hear this odd sequence take place, I wonder how many times Lee Hammer has tried to pressure Radnich into pretending that he doesn’t detest these so-called sports handicappers and the segments they pay Cumulus to run.

Because of Meyer’s less-than-trustworthy persona, he has a Google problem that isn’t quite as bad as Rick Santorum’s … but it’s close. So it isn’t difficult to see why Radnich wants no part of associating with the guy. But Meyer has to know that Radnich clams up during his segments and that it hurts his already questionable reputation. Part of me respects Radnich for standing by his principles, and another part of me wonders how much longer he can thumb his nose at an unsavory yet valued advertiser.


In terms of our reputations here at BASG, we have no such concerns. We don’t pretend that we’ll make you money, or that following our advice is any sort of “investment.” Heck, none of us are even at 50% against the spread this season (as you’ll see below). But you should read our picks anyway, just to see why I’m the only one who is picking the Niners tonight.

The 49ers have gone 4-0 after losses under Harbaugh, outscoring opponents 93-11.

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers (-7)

Bay Area Sports Guy: If you don’t believe there will be a reason for Pete Carroll to once again utter “what’s your deal” after this game, you don’t believe in the 49ers. I love the NFC West this year. Good defenses galore. But the 49ers are angry and good, while the Seahawks are Team Forrest Gump this year — no idea what they’re doing, but the outcome almost always seems to fall in their favor. Time for some Seachicken reality tonight with yours truly in attendance. Pick: 49ers

East Bay Sports Guy: This should be an interesting matchup. The 49ers strength on offense–running the ball—just so happens to oppose the Seahawks strength on defense—defending the run–which means the fate of the game will be put into the hands of Alex Smith. According to Pro Football Focus, the Seahawks have the best pass rush in the league. With Joe Staley’s status in question, Alex Smith’s ability to the throw the ball will be in question, especially with a torrent of Seattle defenders breathing down his neck. When under duress from four man fronts, Smith has completed only 46.9% of his passes, while taking 16 sacks. This doesn’t mean the 49ers will lose, but it does mean they won’t be the 49ers by 7. Pick: Seahawks

Bay Area Stats GuyLast week was depressing, and I fully expect San Francisco to play much better. I have the 49ers winning this game 55 percent of the time but only winning by 4 points. With the line at 7 points I am going to take Seahawks here. I don’t feel good about it because I think the 49ers might want to prove last week was a fluke but I don’t feel good enough to overrule the system. Pick: Seahawks

Ruthless Sports Guy: I guess Vegas was neither impressed by Seattle’s home win over New England nor discouraged by San Francisco’s home bludgeoning by the Giants. Seven points is a huge number, especially in a division rivalry game with two of the league’s top defenses. I like Jim Harbaugh to continue his ownage over Pete Carroll, but not by a touchdown. I’ll be at the game, and if I’m right about this pick I’ll wait to retweet it until minutes after the game goes final. Pick: Seahawks

Bay Area Duck Guy: A spread of seven is really, really high considering both teams are 4-2 and San Francisco got demolished at home last week. The question will be if the 49ers run defense returns to regular form against Lynch, and I bet it will. I think the 49ers will win this defensive battle, but not by more than seven. Pick: Seahawks

Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans (-7)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Texans
East Bay Sports Guy: Texans
Bay Area Stats Guy: Ravens
Ruthless Sports Guy: Ravens
Bay Area Duck Guy: Texans

Green Bay Packers (-5) @ St. Louis Rams
Bay Area Sports Guy: Rams
East Bay Sports Guy: Packers
Bay Area Stats Guy: Rams
Ruthless Sports Guy: Packers
Bay Area Duck Guy: Packers

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills (-3)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Bills
East Bay Sports Guy: Bills
Bay Area Stats Guy: Titans
Ruthless Sports Guy: Titans
Bay Area Duck Guy: Titans

Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts (-2.5)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Colts
East Bay Sports Guy: Colts
Bay Area Stats Guy: Colts
Ruthless Sports Guy: Colts
Bay Area Duck Guy: Colts

New Orleans Saints (-2.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bay Area Sports Guy: Buccaneers
East Bay Sports Guy: Buccaneers
Bay Area Stats Guy: Buccaneers
Ruthless Sports Guy: Saints
Bay Area Duck Guy: Buccaneers

Dallas Cowboys (-2.5) @ Carolina Panthers
Bay Area Sports Guy: Cowboys
East Bay Sports Guy: Cowboys
Bay Area Stats Guy: Panthers
Ruthless Sports Guy: Panthers
Bay Area Duck Guy: Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings (-7)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Cardinals
East Bay Sports Guy: Vikings
Bay Area Stats Guy: Cardinals
Ruthless Sports Guy: Cardinals
Bay Area Duck Guy: Vikings

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants (-5.5)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Giants
East Bay Sports Guy: Giants
Bay Area Stats Guy: Redskins
Ruthless Sports Guy: Giants
Bay Area Duck Guy: Giants

New York Jets @ New England Patriots (-12)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Patriots
East Bay Sports Guy: Jets
Bay Area Stats Guy: Patriots
Ruthless Sports Guy: Patriots
Bay Area Duck Guy: Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals (PK)
Bay Area Sports Guy: Bengals
East Bay Sports Guy: Bengals
Bay Area Stats Guy: Bengals
Ruthless Sports Guy: Steelers
Bay Area Duck Guy: Steelers


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders (-4)

Bay Area Sports GuyC’mon Raiders. If you can’t beat Blaine Gabbert at home by 5 or more… BTW, who would be against an MJD for Run DMC trade right now? Wouldn’t that make a ridiculous amount of sense for both sides on the basis of tickets sold alone? Let’s bring the De La Salle legend back. Pick: Raiders

East Bay Sports GuyThe Raiders played their best game of the season last week, which means either two things: That they caught a sleeping Atlanta team off their game or that they’ve improved. I’ll choose the latter. In keeping with that theory, there is no reason to believe the Raiders won’t pummel a team that is statistically worse in almost every category. Pick: Raiders

Bay Area Stats GuyMy model says that this is a toss up, the line favors the Raiders. I think that is pretty crazy. I would put quite a bit of money on the Jaguars in this one. Pick: Jaguars

Ruthless Sports Guy: Is there a matchup on the Week 7 billing less sexy than this one? You know those times when Scott Hanson says “On NFL Redzone we show you every touchdown from every game, so we’ll show you this”? That’s probably going to be the extent of the coverage from this game. Hopefully Greg Knapp will finally figure out how to use Darren McFadden, and if not, maybe Cecil Shorts will make another spectacular catch so those of us who watch NFL Network will get to hear a week’s worth of “CAUGHT BY SHORTS” highlights. I’ll go with the Raiders to be the lesser of two awfuls in Oakland this Sunday. Pick: Raiders

Bay Area Duck Guy: This is the week I pick a Raiders game right. They impressed last week on the road against the Falcons, so in theory Oakland should continue to improve this week at home against an inferior opponent. Pick: Raiders


Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears (-7)

Bay Area Sports Guy: Jim Schwartz has gone 7-9 since Jim Harbaugh slapped him in the back. The Lions aren’t a good team, mostly because their defense is fraudulent. Pick: Bears

East Bay Sports GuyDetroit’s defense is horrible—and that’s an understatement. PFF ranks them as the second worst defense in the league. On the road, Detroit’s allowed 31.3 points per game on average. Chicago averages 32 per game at home, while allowing opponents to average just 13.5. This is recipe for a blowout. Pick: Bears

Bay Area Stats Guy When the Bears win this game they tend to win it big. I have them winning about 53% of the time with an average margin of 7 points. I would love if the model liked the Bears to win more often but at least it like them to win big when they do. So I guess I am taking the points on hoping for a good Jay Cutler night. Pick: Bears

Ruthless Sports Guy: Jay Cutler may be a father now, but the Lions’ defensive line is going to be his daddy after this game is over. You’ll have to excuse my bias here, because Cutler went ahead and screwed up my fantasy football team by being the most obnoxious player to own on the face of the earth. This game is going to feature two quarterbacks in Cutler and Stafford that give out interceptions like Bumpy Johnson handed out turkeys on Thanksgiving. That being said, Stafford will probably fall behind by 21 points and then rally back for the win at the very end. And I’m not worried if Stafford gets hurt, because Shaun Hill will come in and do what he does best: cover the point spread. Pick: Lions

Bay Area Duck Guy: The Bears have impressed this year whereas the Lions have disappointed. I expect that trend to continue with the game in Chicago as the Bears’ defense will create tons of problems for Matthew Stafford. Pick: Bears