Marty Lurie KNBR

I was hanging out in the press box yesterday a couple hours before first pitch, putting the finishing touches on a post about the 49ers’ activity (or lack therof) on the first day of free agency. Then I heard my name said by someone with a very familiar voice.

“Hey Steve, don’t pick your nose,” Marty Lurie said.

Not to sound like Jerry Seinfield, but it was not a pick! No pick! It was a scratch! I swear I wouldn’t pick my nose in a very public area like a press box. Picking one’s nose is something you do in a dark movie theater, or while driving alone … or so a friend once told me.

Then Marty berated me for having the gall to run LOL KNBR Callers’ Marty Lurie Drinking Game post. Just kidding, he couldn’t have been nicer, and we had a fabulous (drink!) conversation. Turns out he was totally cool with the Drinking Game, which in all actuality was an ode to the Marathon Man’s abilities as a host. I know I’ve spent countless hours, mostly on long weekend drives throughout Northern California, listening to Marty talk baseball and take hundreds of calls. And I’m pretty sure LOL KNBR Callers has listened to every minute of his show since he joined KNBR a few years ago.

After chatting for a while, something happened that I didn’t see coming … at all. Marty invited me to come on his show at 11:30 11:15 am on Saturday.

Yes, it’s true. I’ll be making my San Francisco radio debut with @BaseballMarty. And no, I won’t be picking or drinking. Well, Diet Coke maybe.