BASG RSG Damon Bruce KNBR 1050It’s only right to start this off with a huge thank you to Damon Bruce, who was gracious enough to not just invite Ruthless Sports Guy and myself to appear on his show, but to have us in studio for a full hour.

That’s right, the guys who write for the site with “Radio Wars” as one of the most popular categories were allowed into the studios at 55 Hawthorne. The producer known as “Thin Tim” (Tim Webb) came out to the lobby and let us in, and then Larry Krueger came out and chatted with us for a while. Krueger was super friendly, and said he’s been reading the site since 2009. Who knew?

Then Dan Wilson, the person who called and set up our segment, brought us into the studio where Brad runs the board and the intern they call “not Libby” gets grief for not being a girl from the University of Alabama named Libby. Bruce was finishing up his segment when we came in, and he was full of energy and (I’m going to speak for Ruthless on this) put both of us at ease. There’s a table in the middle of the studio on the other side of the glass, a room which doesn’t have anything on the wall other than an old black and white headshot of Krueger. At the table were a few microphones and no chairs (which I kind of liked), and after a short explanation of what to expect we threw our headphones on and did an hour of sports talk radio.

Public speaking is easier now than it was as a kid, when the prospect of giving a speech in a classroom in front of 30 peers would make sleeping impossible the night before. But there’s a nervousness that comes with trying new things, and (I’ll speak for Ruthless again) doing a show in the KNBR studios for the first time was enough to give both of us a minor case of the jitters. Except once we started, it was … fun. Like, really fun. I can see why hosts want to get into that crazy line of work, and why once they start they rarely stop until forced. There’s a palpable energy in the studio when you’re bouncing stuff off a professional broadcaster, which makes it all the more impressive that Bruce does his show solo every single day. That can’t be easy, even for someone who loves to talk.

In the show we covered many topics, including but not limited to: how the blog website started, how Ruthless and I got into writing about sports, what we thought about San Jose suing Major League Baseball in hopes that someday the A’s will come to town, which teams are more accommodating than others around here to members of the so-called “new media,” and which journalists we respect the most.

Ike Shehadeh of Ike’s Place fame made an appearance on the show, and he brought in sandwiches for everyone … my Sirewich was phenomenal, as always. We also got to meet Lee Hammer, who told me that I was under strict orders to stop writing about the personalities on his station (just kidding, like everyone else we came across he was very nice).

Bruce was even generous enough to let me mention the charity event Bruce and Kim Bochy are throwing tomorrow evening at both San Francisco Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria locations. In case you didn’t see my post about the event (where Giants wives will be attending and some players might make appearances as well), 100% of the proceeds from 3 pm to closing at Lombard Street and King Street are going to the San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program.

All in all, Ruthless and I had a great time. Hopefully we can do it again soon, but for now here’s the 36-minute segment (commercial-free) if you didn’t catch it live.