BASGcast (Ep. 121): Giants offseason update with Alex Pavlovic

What are the Giants doing this offseason? Alex Pavlovic discusses that with Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy, and the guys dive into what should be done in San Francisco.

Topics include:

  • What’s it like to cover the Winter Meetings?
  • Are the Giants going to do ANYTHING this offseason?
  • What should the Giants do?
  • Brandon Belt in left field?
  • Where’s Marco Scutaro?
  • Are the Dodgers better after making all of those moves?


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Thanks BASG, lots of good info from Alex in there.  But wait, if "the Giants think Shields is a perfect fit alongside Bumgarner and Cain..." how come they (supposedly) chased Lester FIRST?  Uhhh, see, the logic doesn't always fit with their words.

I do agree w/ Alex, the Dodgers might've made some lateral moves, but are cleaning house and have a smart Brain Gang running things now.  I worry they're setting up to take down two elite FA pitchers in 2016.  Speaking of which...

What if SD's plan to nab Wil Myers is to flip him for Cole Hamels?  They sure could use a lefty ace.  Would something like Jesse Hahn (or Austin Hedges) + Wil Myers + secondary prospect land Hamels?  Yeah, I absolutely think it would.  Uh-oh, Hamels, Cashner, Ross, Kennedy, and Morrow...  Wisler and others at the ready.  2nd best bullpen in MLB last year...  Maybe another trade package for J Upton or Jay Bruce?  Uhhh.  Ohhh.

Meanwhile, the Giants...  remain quiet.  Sure hope there's some sort of plan, the free agent market is getting sparse.  Budget and the CBT must be an issue.  So, a trade or two?  Dream big.  Dream GIANT.

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