Ryan Vogelsong GiantsWhile everyone is recovering from the Super Bowl, the Giants are getting set for another run at the World Series. Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy discuss media day and spring training, plus BASG caught up with Ryan Vogelsong and asked about his participation in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. In the interview, Vogelsong offers his thoughts on the sports talk scene in the Bay Area (transcribed below) and the guys respond with theirs.

“I listen to talk shows around here. That’s what I do. I like it. It motivates me. As soon as I have two bad games everybody here and around the nation was asking what was wrong with me and if my luck had run out. If people were starting to figure me out. That’s all the motivation I need right there. It was a little disappointing because I threw up 26 quality starts in a row and then I had two and people were second-guessing how good I was already. That’s all I needed to know two is not enough. I need to do it three, four, five, six years in a row. So, that motivation’s still there.”

Does Nicole ever get on you, and say ‘why do you listen to this stuff?’

“All the time. And I tell her exactly what I told you. It’s motivation. I’ve been trying to prove people wrong for a long time. All I need to do is hear one person on the radio doubt that they think I deserve to be here, that I’m good enough to be here, that I’m one of the elite pitchers in this game and I want to prove them wrong.”


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