I’m really excited about something new on BASG, something brought to us by Scott Willis (otherwise known as Bay Area Stats Guy). Last week he sent out our first weekly newsletter, or as we call it: BASGmail. Here’s what it looked like (the top half, anyway):

While some of you check out BASG once or several times a day — and we thank you — we know everyone is busy. BASGmail is a way to shine the spotlight on posts you might not have seen, events we’re planning and special giveaways.

We have a nice list of people who’ve already gone down to the bottom of this and any other page on BASG and subscribed, but the more the merrier. And to provide a little extra motivation to sign up for BASGmail, we’re prepared to put our pizza where our mouth is. Or where your mouth is, actually.

From the moment this post goes live, we’re going to give a free large thin crust pie (any toppings) from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria to the FIFTH person to sign up for BASGmail. And just because I’m feeling super generous, I’ll give out a new BASG Koozie to the first 10 people to sign up for our newsletter. In a related note, I’m going to have to buy more stamps.