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Bashing Cleveland fans and Mark Jackson, along with some links

I know I haven’t been posting enough links lately, so it’s high time we again gave some shine to some of the other websites that make this little thing called the Internet a lot better.

But first, I have a few assorted thoughts about the Lakers/Cavs game from yesterday, where Los Angeles handed Cleveland their first home loss of the season. Interesting game, where Kobe was sick and played less than six minutes in the fourth quarter and LeBron shot 5-for-20 from the field and 4-for-8 from the line.

1. So, does this mean it take Kobe Bryant vomiting in the locker room for Lamar Odom to play his best game since the end last season (when he was on an absolute tear)? If he played close to as well as he did yesterday (28 points, 17 rebounds, 13-of-19 shooting), you’d never hear stuff like Bob Fitzgerald openly hoping today on his KNBR show that the Warriors could possibly land Odom with their mid-level extension this summer.

2. Sure, the Lakers blowing the Cavs off the floor in the second half had something to do with this, but how does Cleveland somehow boast the best home court advantage in the NBA, or even the best record? The fans behind the baskets barely jeer the opposition during free throw attempts and they have that ridiculous addiction to playing a different high-tempo instrumental beat (like “Clumsy” by Fergie) every time the Cavs have the ball. Just awful.

3. Something about the NBA I can’t decide if I like or hate: the way officials make “compromise” calls on certain plays. Like how when a player gets mildly fouled on a shot the ref will commonly wait to see if the ball goes in before deciding whether to blow his whistle. Or like yesterday when Pau Gasol was under the basket and went up with the ball and lost it due to some mild contact from Anderson Varejao. The ball went out of bounds off Gasol, but Varejao probably fouled Gasol, although not egregiously. The official gave the ball to the Lakers. Everyone’s happy! Well, except the fans near the baseline, who booed politely for 1.4 seconds. Maybe the Cavs always win at home because the refs consistently allow LeBron to pull off his “crab-dribble.”

4. Can somebody explain what a “knockdown shooter” is? I heard Mark Jackson call Wally Szczerbiak one yesterday. Does that mean he knocks down every shot? Or his shots knock opponents down? I’ve heard of spot-up shooters and streaky shooters, but don’t all good shooters knock a lot of shots down…through…the…net?

I guess it’s my fault for listening to what Mark Jackson is saying. No, we can’t just have Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy do the game without Jackson, we have to have them pretend to tease each other, even though it always seems like Jackson is reading his JVG insults.

OK, now it’s Link Time:

–Alex Rodriguez admits to Peter Gammons that he used performance enhancing drugs, but expects us to believe he didn’t know what they were and that he only did them while he played for the Texas Rangers. (ESPN)

–Oh, I have such fond memories of shooting hoops in the backyard with friends, playing games like around-the-world, 21 and GEICO. Wait, what? (Deadspin)

–It looks like the Rich Aurilia will be a Giant once again. Joe Crede is probably not on his way, according to Henry Schulman. (The Splash)

–Brian Sabean thinks the Giants can take advantage of teams losing money at the trade deadline. (The Merc)

–Brad Pitt really wants to play Billy Beane in the Moneyball movie, which is in the planning stages. Director would be Steven Soderbergh. (Variety)

–Should the real Beane sign Mark Mulder as a reliever? (Athletics Nation)

–The Warriors are reportedly trying to pry Chris Bosh away from the Raptors, according to Marcus Thompson. Now we’re talking. (Inside the Warriors)

–Alex Smith is getting married to his girlfriend Elizabeth Barry, who my buddy Carp was caught staring at by Smith on two separate occasions in the greater San Jose area. Nice job Alex, you have the Carp stamp of approval. (Matt Maiocco)

–These are some of the best pictures of American gluttony I’ve seen in a while. My favorite is the “French Fry-Encased Hot Dog On A Stick.” (This is why you’re fat)

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