According to Elton John, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.” But what about Tuesday evening — specifically, last night? At around 6 pm, C.J. Spillman and Michael Thomas got into it at the end of a play (a source told Matt Maiocco the fight resulted from a dispute over practice reps). Both players grabbed each other and quickly spun and fell to the ground in a heap.

The first man on the pile?

Jim Harbaugh, who showed some impressive agility and courage in separating the two safeties. From there, the rest of the team huddled around and it became impossible to see how Thomas and Spillman were pulled apart, but there was no doubt that Harbaugh was involved.

About an hour earlier, on the other side of the country, another fight took place. This one was more of a verbal skirmish. In case you missed it (and it’s hard to believe you did, since Carmen’s GIF was picked up and posted on multiple national news sites), here it is:

That’s Gio Gonzalez arguing with Jayson Werth, who’s about the size of 1.5 Gio Gonzalezes. So hey, at least the Giants aren’t letting their disappointing season get them down to the point where teammates need to be separated in the dugout! This might be a bad time to bring up how the Nationals beat the Giants last night, 4-2 …

After the game, Nats manager Davey Johnson explained what may have led to the two players having words.

“Jayson sometimes can get a little vocal,” Johnson said. “He thought Gio was a little late covering first. And he was. But he falls toward third. With a bad back and falling toward third, he couldn’t get over there.”

Speaking of managers, Harbaugh’s willingness to stick his nose in between two young, angry, helmeted players got me thinking. And that’s how I came up with today’s (ridiculous) contest question:


***If you put all the Bay Area head coaches and managers in a fight tournament (sort of like the Super Six World Boxing Classic won by Andre Ward), who’d come out on top?***


In keeping with the Super Six theme, here’s how I’d seed the “fighters.”

1. Todd McLellan

I’ve never seen McLellan up close, but anyone who’s racked up almost 200 penalty minutes while playing in the WHL and AHL can probably handle himself in a physical confrontation.

2. Jim Harbaugh

He still carries himself like an athlete, he’s got just the right amount of crazy, and he once punched Jim Kelly. Harbaugh fractured his hand in the process, but at least we know he can land a punch.

3. Bruce Bochy

Bochy can’t move all that well (that’s putting it lightly), but angry Bochy is one of the most frightening things in the world. Also, he’s absolutely huge. Bochy’s hands are the size of 30-oz porterhouse steaks, and probably heavier.

4. Mark Jackson

Jackson was one of the tougher point guards in the league in his day, and always led teams known for being physical (translation: they fouled you a lot). Jackson’s calm demeanor and refusal to curse has served him pretty well as a head coach, but I’ve seen some of those “don’t trifle with me” looks he gives Ethan Sherwood Strauss when Jackson doesn’t like his line of questioning. (Just kidding, Ethan — you know I love you and I’m sure Mark enjoys it when you press him on the finer points of the game.)

5. Bob Melvin

I may be underrating Melvin here, but that’s more a tribute to the other coaches/managers in the region than a statement on his supposed skills in the ring/octagon. Melvin is a pretty even-tempered person, except when umpires botch home run calls. The A’s manager looks like he’s in decent shape, and like Bochy he’s a former catcher so we know that pain tolerance isn’t a problem. Someone could probably convince me to move him higher.

6. Dennis Allen

Who knows, maybe the Raiders head coach is a ninja. But since we know so little about him and he doesn’t knock you over with a fiery, Harbaugh-like personality, he ends up as the last seed in my list.

So what do you think? Who’d win this silly pretend tournament? Let us know in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a 10-person pizza party from Amici’s.

You can also enter by picking your favorite Giants GIF of the week.


Also, Bochy said he’d kick my ass if I didn’t mention his contest. You only have until Friday to enter, so you better hurry up or you won’t win this:

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Take it away, Bruce (and please don’t be mad at me for seeding you third):