I can already see the car crash unfolding before my eyes with this LA series. If yesterday was any indication, it will be ManBearPuig vs. The Ailing San Francisco Giants. Yasiel Puig will flex, his uniform will rip off cartoonishly, and MLB and Bud Selig will swoon and fill out 839847327 All-Star Ballots for him. Meanwhile, Andres Torres will bend over to pick up a bat and snap in half. Damnit Groeschner, you have to have them STRETCH. Don’t you know anything about baseball exercising?

The only thing that can save Giants fans now is LAUGHTER. I usually leave the comedic antics to Marty’s postgame show, but I thought I would try to help by aggregating some GIFs that make the Dodgers look downright silly. So when Matt Kemp comes back with his bionic hamstring and Tim Lincecum chucks hanging fastballs on the outside part of the plate to Puig, we can look back and remember that the Dodgers aren’t very good.

Speaking of Tim Linecum…

Weird things happen when Timmy pitches against the Dodgers: 

We can make Clayton Kershaw look silly.. 

Not in the way I’d like, but hey look! He fell over! What a buffoon.


Buster Posey can run faster than some of them … with his gear on: 

This is not our manager: 

Shane Victorino is no longer on the team, but basically any excuse to use this GIF: 

But most importantly, 

I try not to fret too much because, well, you know:

Good luck tonight, Kicky. Bring home a W.