FlynnBelow you’ll find a sampling of ProFootball Focus’ (PFF) game charting stats. These are, in essence, the stats behind the stats. That is, the box score (for reasons that I hope are obvious) can’t tell the full story of a player or team’s performance. Really, no stat can do that. But we can at least see how many targets a player had, how many incompletions a receiver was responsible for, or on how many dropbacks a quarterback was pressured. If nothing else, these help create a fuller image of the game.

While I won’t be providing analysis of the statistics — sample size and competition make it hazardous to do so — I will defer to PFF’s grades. According to them, David Ausberry (+1.9), Khalif Barnes (+1.7), Jason Foster (+1.1), Andre Holmes (+0.7) and Denarius Moore (+0.4) were the Raiders’ top offensive players. Alex Barron (-3.8), Lamar Mady (-3.1), Alex Parsons (-2.4), Matt McGloin (-2.4) and Andre Gurode (-2.0) were the worst. It’s worth nothing that last week Gurode rated out the best and Ausberry rated the worst.

On defense, Kaelin Burnett (+2.1), Ryan Robinson (+1.6), Kurt Taufa’asau (+1.4), Kevin Burnett (+1.4), Jack Crawford and Stacy McGee (+1.0) were the top defenders. Tracy Porter (-3.1), Reggie Smith (-2.5), Taiwan Jones (-1.6), Eric Harper (-1.3) and Tyvon Branch (-0.9) were the worst. This is the second straight week that Robinson was rated in the top three of defenders.

Before you go on, an important defensive stat to understand is the “Stop,” which ProFootball Focus (PFF) defines as:

[The] amount of times a defender has caused an offensive failure as a percentage of how many plays he is in on run defense, excluding plays nullified by penalty. An offensive failure (a “stop” from the defense’s perspective) is a play that is unable to obtain 40% of required yardage on first down, 60% of required yardage on second down, or the entire required yardage on third or fourth.


  • Matt Flynn completed 12 of 16 on 22 dropbacks. He was pressured on 10 of his total dropbacks, forcing him to take five sacks and to scramble once. When pressured and note sacked, Flynn completed 3 of 4 for 23 yards.
    • 95 of Matt Flynn’s 124 yards came in air. That’s 76.6%, which puts him in the top-15 among quarterbacks.
    • Last week, only 21.6% came in air, ninth lowest in NFL.
  • Darren McFadden averaged .8 yards per carry after contact and did not break a tackle.
    • On the preseason, McFadden is averaging 1.1 yards per carry after contact.
  • Brice Butler lead all WRs with four  targets. He also lined up in the slot 17 times — the most among the Raiders’ receivers.
    • One the preseason, Butler has nine targets, which is a team high.
  • Denarius Moore was targeted three times, two of which went for catches.
  • Despite playing 22 pass snaps, Rod Streater was not targeted at all.
    • He’s played the second most snaps of any receiver (behind Butler) this preseason, but only has two targets.
  • Mychal Rivera was second on offense in total snaps, playing 36. He was targeted three times, one of which he caught.
    • He leads all tight ends in total snaps, registering 59 thus far in the preseason.
    • He’s tied with David Ausberry for total targets with 5.
  • Ausberry had the second most snaps of any tight end, playing 14. He was also targeted three times, catching two of them.
    • He ran out of the slot twice, and has done so more than any other TE this preseason.
    • He’s also broken three tackles. One came against the Saints.
  • Andre Gurode was credited with one sack, one quarterback hit, and one hurry.
  • Alex Barron was credited wtih one sack, one hurry, and one penalty.
    • He’s given up three hurries this preseason.
  • Lamar Mady was credited with 2 sacks.
    • He also gave up one quarterback hit against Dallas.
  • Khalif Barnes, Tony Bergstrom, and Stefen Wisniewski were all credited with a hurry.
    • Barnes has one additional hurry and one penalty credit to him this preseason.
    • Bergstrom has two additional hurries.


  • Stacy McGee played 34 snaps, tied for the most among lineman.
    • He registered one pressure.
      • This is the only pressure registered by a Raider interior lineman in the entire preseason.
  • David Bass also played 34 snaps.
    • He registered a sack-fumble and a hurry.
    • He also recorded two stops.
  • Christo Bilukidi played 31 snaps.
    • He earned two stops and missed one tackle.
  • Jack Crawford played 31 snaps, registering four stops, a team high.
  • Ryan Robinson played 33 snaps, earning one quarterback hit and one hurry.
    • He also earned two stops.
  • Andre Carter and Jason Hunter also earned quarterback hits.
  • Kaelin Burnett played the most snaps of any defender, tallying 49 in total.
    • He earned three stops.
  • Sio Moore played the second most with 38 snaps.
    • He had one hurry.
  • Tracy Porter was targeted five times, allowing four receptions for 97 yards (26 after the catch) and one touchdown.
    • Through two games, Porter has been targeted six  times, four of which he allowed for catches totaling 123 yards (42 YAC) and one touchdown.
  • Mike Jenkins was targeted twice, both of which went for catches totaling 27 yards.
    • He’s been targeted three times through two preseason games, all three have gone for catches.
  • Joselio Hanson was targeted three times, two of which went for receptions totalling 18 yards (16 after the catch).
    • Through two games, Hanson has been targeted seven times, six of which went for catches for 66 YDS (27 YAC) and one touchdown.
  • Phillip Adams who was second to Jenkins in total snaps (playing 27) was targeted once, but did not allow a reception.
    • He has not allowed a reception on three targets this preseason and has notched one pass defensed.

Special Teams

  • Jack Crawford recorded two tackles.
  • Phillip Adams, Jon Condo, Joshua Cribbs, Rashad Jennings, Shelton Johnson and Eddy Carmona all recorded tackles.