Remember when Aubrey Huff held Brandon Belt back from getting regular playing time? How every time Huff hit a 4-3 grounder a chorus of “Free Belt” could be heard throughout the land … or at least a small group of extremely vocal Giants fans on Twitter? Huff was the veteran who got the benefit of the doubt; Belt was the kid who saw the bench or the metaphorical bus to Fresno whenever he went 0-for-4.

During San Francisco Giants Media Day back in February, Julian Levine (the man behind Giants Nirvana) asked Huff about his relationship with Belt, considering they were in competition for playing time. Levine labeled the exchange “An Awkward Interview with Aubrey Huff,” and it remains my second favorite Levine-related YouTube moment behind the time he went on KRON and Gary Radnich called him “Justin.”

It’s not that these two guys didn’t get along … but Huff was the tenured professional with “Daddy” in his nickname, while Belt was the wide-eyed awkward one with “Baby” in his.

It seems the dynamic has changed between these two, at least according to a blog entry Belt wrote that was posted Tuesday morning, about 12 hours after the Giants won Game 2.

One of my favorite moments of last night’s game was watching Aubrey Huff score from second base on Theriot’s single in the sixth. He looked like he was running with a trailer hitched to his back. We all give him a hard time about his speed. When he got to the dugout and everybody was high-fiving him, I took the opportunity to give him a turkey tap, which he didn’t like too much. (I’m not describing what a turkey tap is but you can google it.)

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know what a “turkey tap” was either. Guess I could give this “google” thing a try…

77% approval rating from the experts at Urban Dictionary — works for me.

It’s the “which he didn’t like too much” part which kills me, because I can picture Belt saying it. The guy has a way of speaking 100% literally that is very endearing, like when he told me that he and his teammates like to “splash people in the face with champagne and beer” during the NL West clinching celebration.

It probably makes sense that Huff (presumably) doesn’t wear a cup, since he’ll never play defense in a Major League game again. It would also hinder his graceful gait.