Bruce Bochy seemed like he was in a good mood this morning, and who can blame him? The Giants avoided getting swept by the team behind them in the standings, and it only took one night. There aren’t any injuries to report, or Tim Lincecum concerns to assuage. Onto the notes.

— Gregor Blanco is starting in left field today.

“Gives us good defense. Christian hasn’t played in a while. For the most part you’ll probably see Gregor out there if we don’t have Belt (in left field) right now,” Bochy said. “Day games it’s a little tougher here. The sun gets involved in some plays. That’s why Gregor’s out there today.”

— So just how often will Bochy have Belt in left?

“If Buster goes to first, he gets a day (off) behind the plate, then Belt will go to left field,” Bochy said.

Since Bochy isn’t too keen on resting his MVP in September for obvious reasons, and Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum seem to prefer throwing to Hector Sanchez these days, I’m taking this to mean Belt will find himself in left field up to 40% of the time from here on out.

— I asked Bochy if he’s been happy with how Aubrey Huff has performed in his role as a pinch hitter.

“He’s actually throwing out some pretty good at-bats,” Bochy said. “He’s been spending some time, extra hitting. You have a guy like Huff who has experience, he’s going to be relaxed up there. That’s the biggest part you have to overcome. He’s been through it, and has shown that with his patience up there.”

Any thought of sticking Huff in left?

“No, no, didn’t have any thought.”

— Brian Wilson was in the dugout last night, and I asked Bochy if there were any updates on how he was feeling.

“He looks good, he looks healthy. The beard doesn’t look too good, but Brian does,” Bochy said.

— Joaquin Arias is in the lineup at short against Dodgers left-hander Chris Capuano. I asked Bochy last night about whether it would be tough to take Brandon Crawford out of the lineup, and here is what he said.

This is a theme Bochy has harped on all season, keeping everyone involved. Like I was saying on Twitter this morning (Uh oh, I’m referencing myself … I’m turning into Marty Lurie!), if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard Bochy say, “They’re all gonna play”…