Happy New Years BASG Readers!

The start of every year should be commemorated with champagne, new resolutions, and in my opinion, Buster Posey. What better way to ring in the new year than with the face of the SF Giants’ franchise?

Posey doesn’t get enough credit for being a top GIF-generator. When you think of the best GIFs you remember Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence, or maybe even Pablo Sandoval. But after combing through my GIFs, it’s clear that Posey finds many moments that are worthy of the graphic interchange format. While normally stoic and uber professional, there are glimpses of a young guy who really enjoys playing the game. Here are five stand-out Posey moments from last season.

Gentle Posey

I rarely see Posey get in on the dogpiles — he’s far too sensible to get buried under a mound of excited baseball players and risk injury. Typically he skirts around the perimeter, doling out the occasional high-five. But in this instance, he just decided to punch Madison Bumgarner gently in the kidneys.

Buster Hug. Always. 

This GIF is probably overplayed but to exclude this from Posey’s best GIF compilation would be a crime. The best part about this moment was being able to take the air out of the “Buster and Timmy hate each other” rumors. Oh and the hug. That part is also pretty great.

Classic Buster Posey Swing

Posey has one of the most classically beautiful swings in baseball. Throw in a home run and an raised finger in triumph and you have all the makings of a fantastic GIF.

Unintentional Turkey Tap 

This was a relatively understated moment during the pinnacle of the Giants #rockbottom era since we were getting no-hit by Homer Bailey, but nonetheless, one of my favorite Posey GIFs of 2013. Whether intentional or just by accident, the placement of Posey’s tag will add to his tally of turkey taps.

Good teammate

Marco Scuato jokingly got an empty cup for Posey after he took a strenuous jog around the bases. Instead of just laughing or maybe even getting annoyed, Posey humors his teammates and pretends to drink from the cup. Kind of really amazing.

Hope this post helps with any residual New Year’s hangovers and gets you off to a great start in 2014!