2013 was not a very good year for the Giants in terms of baseball. Fortunately for me, bad baseball leads to excellent comedy because crying eventually morphs into laughter. The kind where you’re doubled over and your stomach hurts and you can’t tell if those are tears of happiness or it’s raining on your face (brownie points if you get the reference on that one).

To alleviate some of the hot stove stress out there, I’ve put together the top 5 GIFs that still have me laughing well into November. Maybe this will help you get your mind off annoyingly irrelevant Robinson Cano chatter, left field platoon blues, or worrying that we’ll have to learn to tolerate Bronson Arroyo.

#5 Gerardo Parra has fallen and he can’t get up

This man has two Gold Gloves. TWO. The best part is how he lays on the field like roadkill while the play carries on. This one had me in tears.

#4 Imitating Hunter Pence

Marco Scutaro is a notorious jokester, but kudos to Pence for teaming up with him to imitate Pence’s, ummm, unique batting stance. Something about this GIF makes me laugh every time I see it. Maybe it’s how entertaining they clearly find themselves — I don’t know. All I know is that this moment makes me smile without fail.

#3 Andres Torres and Nate Freiman 

You’re probably so sick of seeing this GIF but I don’t even care. Watching Andres Torres try to see around Big Foot makes me giggle. Bless Roberto Kelly’s heart for finally offering Torres a helping hand, sort of like an adult helping a small child see the stage at an outdoor music festival.

#2 Tim Lincecum hits the ump in an unmentionable area 

Bookmark this one folks, because it’s basically the best reaction GIF to ever surface on the interwebs. You can use this in a variety of situations, like when the Giants walk in a run next year. Or when whoever ends up playing left field hits under .200. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

So glad the Giants re-signed Tim Lincecum. Not only does he do things like accidentally nail an ump in the goods, but he has the good sense to make faces like this after:

#1 The Fart Heard Round the World 

This is still the funniest of the funny GIFs of 2013. Even though it’s technically as played out as “Call Me Maybe,” I still love it and it’s undeniably relatable. (C’mon, who hasn’t been on either side of this?) I couldn’t tell you what either pitcher’s stats were from last year, but I will never forget their ultimate legacy – THIS GIF:

Don’t forget Part 2 to this Fart GIF.

Any I missed? Leave ‘em in the comments.