The Giants pulled off a lot of beautiful defensive plays last season and surprisingly, not all of them were made by Gregor Blanco and/or Brandon Crawford. A ton of errors were made last year, 107 to be exact. That was the seventh most in all of Major League Baseball (at least the Dodgers committed more … I’m looking at you Hanley).

Somewhere in the muck that was last year, there were some really, really nice plays. The kind that makes you think the Giants might ACTUALLY pull off a Gold Glove or two in the next few years. Hopefully the top five .GIFs will jog your memory to some of the kinder moments of 2013.

#5 Hunter Pence saves Timmy’s no-hitter 

While not the most graceful, this one probably holds the most weight. Without this amazing catch, we may be without one of the best Buster Hugs of all time.

#4 Panda Defense

I don’t even care what you have to say about Pablo’s weight (although I’m glad to see the many Instagram videos his brother is posting of his high intensity work outs), the guy is agile and has reflexes of a cat. Here’s one of my favorite belly flops from the Panda:

#3 Obligatory Brandon Crawford Defense GIF

To the surprise of no one, here is at random, one of Brandon Crawford’s spectacular defensive plays. There was literally infinity, so I just picked this one:

#2 Buster Posey is magic

Remember when Buster Posey ran hella far to recover this ball AND threw the runner out at second? That was amazing. Thanks, Buster Posey.

#1 Juan Perez shows off his rookie moves

I love being able to give the top defensive play to a rookie with so much heart. Juan Perez’s first game resulted in an amazing play in the outfield that was Blanco-esuqe.

The best part about it was it resulted in this Andres Torres quote:



TODAY’S CONTEST QUESTION: What was the top defensive play of the year?

  • Hunter Pence’s diving catch to save Tim Lincecum’s no-hitter?
  • Pablo Sandoval’s belly flop, which registered 2.7 on the Richter Scale?
  • Brandon Crawford’s snowcone-pirouette?
  • Posey traveling a country mile and throwing the Wil Myers out at second?
  • Perez’s catch before slamming into the wall in Arizona?
  • Another play you remember?

Let us know in the comments and you could win a free large pizza (any toppings) from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria! And congrats to dancingsousa, who correctly answered yesterday’s question about our latest Giants/@JohnAllenKCNBC edition of BASGcast, where we invented the soon-to-be-famous “Dennis O’Donnell Theory.”