Editor’s note: It’s giveaway time at BASG (even more so than usual), which means two people are going to get very lucky.

We’re going to have you guys pretend you’re connected. You know people. YOU KNOW SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS. In the comments of this post, write which member of the 2012 Champions you’d invite to your house for a pizza and viewing party.

We’ll have one contest every day where you can comment. You can enter once each day (although you can comment as many times as you like).

On Friday we’ll randomly select two winners who will each receive these three fabulous prizes:

Delicious (and free) thin crust pizza from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, a big group of friends and a Giants viewing marathon? Now that’s a party!


We’re going to have you guys pretend you’re connected. You know people. YOU KNOW SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS. In the comments of this post, write which member of the 2012 Champions you’d invite to your house for a pizza and viewing party.

And while we’re on the subject of the Giants and cool gifts/prizes, here’s a fun and comprehensive “Ultimate Gift Guide for Every San Francisco Giants Fan” from Carmen “Giants Gamerbabe” Kiew. Take it away, Carmen!


With the holiday season rounding the corner, I become increasingly more panicked about the lack of presents I’ve purchased. Combine that with the anxiety of shopping at the mall and I’m pretty much paralyzed like Brandon Belt against a lefty (JUST KIDDING!)

To save you the strife, let’s use the internet for finding interesting things for your loved ones. Below I’ve listed out some of the best unique and thoughtful Giants presents out there:

For the Film Buff:

2012 World Series Film ($29.99 for DVD, $34.99 for Blu-ray)

Watch the World Series whenever you want while not having to endure through interviews with the corporate executives of Taco Bell or watching that AWFUL rendition of God Bless America. Crowd pleaser, 100%. Also includes the Complete NLCS Game 7 (otherwise known as the rain game).

San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Collector’s Edition ($79.99 for DVD, $99.99 for Blu-ray)

This 8-disc box set includes all four games of the 2012 World Series (spoiler: the Giants win), Game 5 of the NLDS, Game 5 of the NLCS (the #RallyZito game), Matt Cain’s perfect game and a bonus highlight disc.


For the Gadget Lover:

Protective Skins ($14.99 – $29.99)

SkinIt makes amazing protective skins for all your electronic devices (iPhones, laptops, iPads, you name it). Can’t imagine a techie not loving the idea of saving their phone from scratches AND showing their love for the Giants.


For the Homebody:

SF Giants Snuggie ($35.95)

This gift is quite literally on my list and has been since the Giants did a Snuggie promo night and I missed out. I can’t imagine anything more indulgent than slothing around in my Snuggie while watching the Giants game on TV and getting pizza all over myself. Don’t you want to gift that joy to someone as well?

Bonus: Free Shipping


For the Classic Sports Fan (Guy):

Buster Posey World Series Road Jersey ($114.99)

Pricey but an absolute classic – love the old school feel of the uni and hello! You can’t go wrong with our MVP, Buster Posey. I really can’t see a guy getting this and saying, “UGH! I wish you would have gotten me the Aubrey Huff one!”


For the Classic Sports Fan (Girl):

Customized Player Shirt ($34.99)

Love these versatile shirts and you can customize for whatever player you’d like (Yes, even Darren Ford). Other options are putting catch phrases on them like “Romo Bomb” or “Torture” or “Ain’t Havin’ It”  – options are limitless!


For the Uber Fan:

Fatheads! ($24.99 – $99.99)

From just the head to the whole body, a fathead is sure to delight any uber Giants fan out there. Just ask me – I’m the proud owner of two of these bad boys and they are the most fun thing in the world to take to games. Also, I checked – Melky Cabrera and Brian Wilson’s fatheads are still available but unfortunately not on sale yet. One day, maybe.


For the Parents-to-be:

SF Giants Baby Wrap Carrier ($62.99)

Know any future parents out there that have registered for really lame practical gifts like Diaper Genies and Baby Bottles? Get them something they WANT, not need! Look at it this way – with this baby carrier, the parents will be free to drink beer or catch a foul ball at the park – all while looking super stylish.


For the Pet Lover:

Pet Bed ($37.99)

Make sure your loved one’s poodle can perch in peace – you KNOW this pet pillow would look awesome in your man cave.


For the Foodie:

SF Giants Sandwich Press ($49.99)

I had a tough time deciding between this and the toaster that toasts an SF logo onto your bread, but this Sandwich Press allows way more creativity. Cheese? Yes. Bacon? SURE! Truffle butter? Bring it on. All while keeping with the overarching theme of “GIANTSGIANTSGIANTSGIANTS!!!”


For the Kids:

Cornhole/Beanbag game ($119.99)

I chose this because while kids can use be easily amused with this game in the backyard for hours … add some beers and the adults can play too!


For the Craft Lover:

Trading Card Pendant Necklace ($14.00)

Etsy has a lot of wonderful things, including craft pendants made with the faces of our favorite players from their trading cards. This could make an excellent stocking stuffer and hey –what girl doesn’t like jewelry?


For the Partier

Beer Pong Table ($129.99)

What garage or backyard of a frat house would be complete without a beer pong table? With this table, your college student could be the talk of the town. The best part is that it’s cleverly disguised as a ping pong table in case the Dean stops by…


For the Collector:

Perfect Game Commemorative Plaque ($149.99)

Help your beloved baseball collector celebrate one of the most amazing SF Giants moments in history with this commemorative plaque. Not only does it feature some great pictures from the game, it has a minted bronze coin AND authenticated dirt from the infield. Pretty cool piece of baseball history.


For the New SF Giants fan:

The Franchise DVD ($12.49)

After winning yet another World Series (#1stPlaceProblems), we will inevitably need to welcome on board some brand new fans. Help educate them with the 2011 season, which was pretty abysmal with the exception of this DVD. Guaranteed laughs included. (Aubrey Huff prank, anyone?)


For the Fashionista:

Sherling boots ($109.99)

At first these boots made me laugh for about 3 hours. Then I flashed back to my freezing feet during one of those particularly cold games with chilling winds coming from the Cove and realized these are actually pretty useful. Pick a girl who’s not afraid to make a statement, because these boots are guaranteed to draw attention.


For the Athlete:

Nike Cork Tee ($28.00)

This is one of my favorite shirts that stemmed from the massive amounts of  World Series merchandise … and perfect to wear to the gym for a grueling work out. Imagine blasting your guns while looking in the mirror and wearing this bad boy. Yeah, that’s inspiration.


For the New Home Owners:

SF Giants Canvas Art ($55.00 +)

Art can be pretty expensive, but this artist on Etsy does some original work at a totally reasonable price. You can also customize your art with whatever color you’d like and with your player of choice. Perfect for someone with empty walls to decorate.


Perfect For Anyone:

Kruk and Kuip & Jon and Dave Shirt ($25.97 – $53.34)

The common denominator with SF Giants fans are our wonderful announcers. No matter if you’re a Willie Mays, Tim Lincecum, or Barry Bonds fan, you’re sure to score with this awesome tee. Is also available in baseball tee, girly fit, sweatshirt, and long sleeve.


5 Buys under $10

Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers, or for those of you on a budget but still want to get a thoughtful gift for your favorite Giants fan:

SF Giants Neck Warmer ($10)

$10 bucks to keep necks warm? A total bargain!


DIY Custom Coasters – Tutorial (~$4)

Want to make something personal for a loved one and don’t have a lot of dough? Do it yourself with this custom coasters! Less than four bucks and perfect for anyone!


SF Giants 2013 Calendar ($9.99)

Every month next year can bring someone joy (except when you get to the Melky month … awkward) with this cheap but long-lasting present.


SF Giants Magnets ($8.00)

Simple but another great stocking stuffer – set of six magnets for only eight dollars!


“I just look illegal” Shirt  ($12.00)

Okay, this one is technically $12 … but what’s two bucks more to own the famous “I just look illegal” tee that Sergio Romo wore at the World Series Parade?


As a side note, MLB is celebrating their Green Monday with a Buy One, Get the Second for 50% off deal.  Get your shopping on from the comfort of your couch.

Good luck and happy holidays!