Jim Harbaugh said both Billy Cundiff and David Akers went to Candlestick Park to show what they could do today. However, a Facebook page called Candlestick Park Stadium Tours posted some photos that taught us a few things most of us didn’t know.


Tim Kawakami Candlestick Park Tours

Actually, yes. And for $18 an adult can “Get a behind-the-scenes look at the team locker rooms, take in the view from the luxury suites, and run on the field and reenact ‘The Catch.'” No word on their About Page whether they’ll let you reenact Mike Singletary’s pants-dropping scene during the locker room portion of the tour (the Bears are interviewing Singletary for their head coaching position, by the way).

The second revelation: only Cundiff made the voyage north from Santa Clara to Candlestick. Akers wasn’t seen, which makes sense. The 49ers have already watched Akers kick at Candlestick plenty this year. That’s why they signed Cundiff.

Billy Cundiff San Francisco 49ers Candlestick ParkThe third and final revelation: 49ers fans probably need to refrain from making fun of the “grass” at FedExField. The Redskins’ home stadium featured a natural turf that looked as dangerous as any artificial surface one would commonly see during the 1970s and ’80s on Sunday, claiming the ACLs of both Robert Griffin III and Chris Clemons. Based on this photo album of Cundiff kicking, Dr. James Andrews might be even busier after Saturday evening’s game between the Packers and Niners.

Pardon the pun, but this isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. The last time I was on the field — before the Dolphins game — I was surprised at how the grass was coming up in clumps during warmups.

What else goes on at Candlestick (besides some tours)? The San Francisco Giants don’t play there anymore, so the problems caused by a baseball infield don’t apply. Have golf courses claimed all of the nation’s competent groundskeepers? Where’s George Toma when you need him?

The weather forecast this week calls for colder than average temperatures starting on Wednesday, but nothing much in the way of precipitation. That’s good for the both teams, because the last thing they need is for Candlestick’s crummy field to turn into a swamp.

Since Mason Crosby has also been horrible (he’s 9-of-17 on the road in 2012), neither team should attempt a field goal in this game. But you know they will.