A couple months ago we asked you to name the best sports talk radio show at certain timeslots. But we didn’t get to all of them, only the 3-7 pm shows (Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto or Eric Byrnes vs. Ric Bucher and Chris Townsend) and the morning shows (Murph and Mac vs. The Rise Guys). Now it’s time to expand this to a threeway (YES!) and ask which show you like the most (or listen to the most, even if you don’t care for it) at noon.

If you’ve gotten this far you’re surely familiar with the contestants …

Fitz and BrooksFitz and Brooks: They’ve been a KNBR pairing, on and off, for over a decade. Both hosts have been working for KNBR for a very long time; Bob Fitzgerald hosted Sportsphone 680 in the mid-1990s and Rod Brooks had his own show on KTCT (The Ticket) back when it was the Raiders’ flagship and there was no such thing as “KNBR 1050.” Back when the Warriors were terrible, many complained about Fitzgerald’s “homer” tendencies, although that’s quieted to a certain extent since the Warriors started winning. For what it’s worth, I’ve talked to writers who really enjoy going on this show because Fitzgerald and Brooks generally stick to hardcore sports talk and stick to relevant subjects.

John Lund Greg PapaLund and Papa: John Lund has bounced around across the country, working in Salt Lake City, Detroit, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Portland before moving to the Bay Area to work for 95.7 FM “The Game.” Greg Papa is one of the busiest men in local media. He has called games for the Warriors, A’s and Giants, and currently serves as the Raiders’ radio play-by-play announcer. He also handles assorted duties for CSN Bay Area, including the Giants’ postgame show. Papa used to host a show on KNBR from his house, and while this hasn’t been confirmed I’ve heard that he and Lund don’t do their show together from the same studio.

Damon BruceDamon Bruce: It won’t be long before Bruce reaches his 10th anniversary at KNBR. He became the host of Sportsphone 680 in 2005, serving as the permanent replacement for Larry Krueger. According to Wikipedia, Bruce became host of “The Damon Bruce Show” on KNBR 1050 in 2010. That sounds about right, and since Wikipedia is never wrong we’ll just go with that. There aren’t many solo acts on local sports talk radio, and Bruce has built up a loyal following that follows him when he fills in on Jim Rome and hosts for CBS Radio on the weekends. I’ve been told he likes the Hoosiers.

That’s pretty much it for diplomacy, now it’s time to turn it over to the commenters … who probably won’t pull any punches. Have things changed since Bruce was overwhelmingly chosen as your favorite host in our poll back in November?


This one is a battle royale … with cheese! I’ll pick one person who comments on this post to win a Large Pizza (any toppings) from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. (And congrats to Reggie Write, who won our “should the Giants sign Brian Wilson” contest.)

So good luck, and remember … sports blogs don’t build character, they reveal characters.