It seems like every day lately there’s some sort of news that kicks everybody out of their daily routine and forces everyone on their phones, either talking (finding out news) or refreshing Twitter (trying to grab news out of the airwaves a split second faster than everyone else).

Today it wasn’t a player on performance enhancing drugs, but a rival with new, payroll enhancing owners. The Dodgers are reportedly near a deal with the Red Sox to bring Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to Los Angeles.

Then Bruce Bochy’s pregame media session was pushed back from 4:30 to an unspecified time. Reportedly he had been pulled into a meeting. What kind of meeting? What are they talking about? Are they going to counter the Dodgers’ rumored move with a blockbuster deal of their own?

Finally, around 5 pm, Bochy came up the dugout steps and walked over to his standard spot atop the bench. On his spot, there was a black bat. Bochy eyed it for a few second, and picked it up as he sat down as if thinking, “This will do.”

Bochy had nothing in the way of breaking news to report, but he did have a bat.

He sat down on that top area of the bench against the orange wall and, holding the bat by the handle, slammed the end onto the bench. BOOM! Whatever that meeting was about, Bochy seemed a little annoyed about something. He was then asked about the Dodgers’ potential trade. BOOM! “Next question,” Bochy said.

Later, Bochy opened up a tad, talking a little about what it means when the team right behind you is rumored to be bringing in three huge names (and Punto).

“Shouldn’t be thinking about what’s going on south of us as much as what needs to get done here,” Bochy said.

Then, Bochy was asked about what it was like managing Gonzalez in San Diego. Watch to see Bochy’s response (hint: BOOM!).

Roster minutiae

— I asked Bochy about Guillermo Mota, and if he’s close to being able to being able to help out the Giants.

“He threw last night and he’s thrown the ball well. I think that day comes up on the 28th,” Bochy stated correctly. “So that’s something we’ll talk about. He’s thrown the ball well.”

— Joaquin Arias and Francisco Peguero will probably start tomorrow against Mike Minor, a left-hander.

— Aubrey Huff update? “That’s in a holding pattern,” Bochy said.

Are you worried about getting Theriot time?

I am. He’s done a great job for us. I’ve talked to him a couple times. He’s been great about it. He’s been taken fly balls in left field, he’s working. But he understands. Marco’s on a good roll, playing great baseball. Ryan has a great attitude. He goes, “Hey, I’m here to help us win any way I can.” It’s refreshing to have players like him.

Does it help a lot when a player like Theriot, a veteran like that, handles it so well?

It is. I mean, it’s so refreshing. He has no ego, he’s not worried about next year, he’s only worried about us winning this year. He says, “I’ll be ready, and I’ll help out any way I can,” And meanwhile he’s staying in his routine in case something happens where he has to pinch hit. Just to show you how important these guys are on the bench, they play a critical role in your season. When I had to take Zito out in San Diego, he led off the inning, pinch hit and got a base hit, got us a big inning and ended up winning that ballgame. We were down three runs, but that hit he got I thought ignited us. Just to show you how important your bench will be during a stretch drive.

— Buster Posey is back in the lineup hitting fourth. “Silver lining is three days off from catching. This time of the year it’s not a bad thing,” Bochy said.

Easier to look at it that way when those three days off come during wins for the Giants.