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Bochy’s veteran love went too far tonight

Nate Schierholtz was eligible to come off the disabled list today. He wasn’t activated. In fact, Bruce Bochy said during the world famous “Bruce Bochy Show” that it was no big whoop, because Schierholtz wouldn’t have even started today, because the Dodgers’ starting pitcher was a left-hander.

Hold on while I smack myself in the face with a catcher’s mitt to see if I’m still awake. Is Bochy watching the 2009 version of the San Francisco Giants, or is he just waiting for Randy Winn and Aaron Rowand to become Ken Caminiti and Greg Vaughn circa 1998?

Don’t answer that.

Winn’s career numbers against Randy Wolf were pretty frickin’ sweet going into tonight’s game, and last year Winn particularly had his way with his Randy counterpart.

Uh, who cares. Players change. Managers need to as well if they want to extend their contracts. For example, Bochy needs to get over this cockamamie idea that no left-handed hitter under 30 can hit left-handed pitching, but Winn’s somehow going to regain his righty stroke at the age of 52.

Winn against lefties in 2009 before tonight’s game (94 AB’s): .160/.184/.213

Schierholtz against lefties in 2009 (30 AB’s): .467/.469/.767

Limited sample size, my Broxton. Bochy’s the one who’s limited Schierholtz’s at-bats against lefties, and why Rich Aurilia still has a roster spot, even though the team picked up Ryan Garko because Aurilia’s so worthless. And don’t give me this whole “who would have played third base” crap cause Juan Uribe has a balky hamstring. Stick an injured Uribe out there after contracting swine flu for all I care; Aurilia’s as done as a crunchy taco at an empty Taco Bell Express.

I’ve been one of those guys who’s been OK with Bochy from day one. The guy’s been saddled with one of the worst offenses in baseball for years, but as retread managers go he’s one of the better ones. But the idea that Aurilia couldn’t have been sacrificed for a far superior player today (in fact, Aurilia even got another at-bat tonight) because Winn would somehow recapture past glory against Wolf was beyond ridiculous.

Changing the subject — a little, anyway…

— Geez, at least the Warriors give the Lakers a fight every time they play them. And that’s basketball, a sport where the best teams win over 80% of the time.

— You can’t blame Eugenio Velez for a couple bad plays at second base today (well, one bad drop on a tough throw from Joe Martinez and an unbelievably awful throw soon after), since he had the team’s only RBI.

— I’m still not sure why I watched the Post Game Wrap, but I’m pretty sure Duane Kuiper wanted to kill Dave Flemming tonight whenever he waxed poetic about the Dodgers.

— It also looked like Jon Miller wanted to strangle Flemming after Miller told an unbelievable, perfect-after-a-blowout story about Carl Yastrzemski asking him to buy Jockey shorts for him at the beginning of a long road trip, and Flemming responded with 0.4 seconds of fake laughter before rolling into the whole, “AND THAT’S WHAT’S ON TAP” spiel and cutting to commercial.

— I’m not saying Flemming’s a bad broadcaster, but he certainly seems like that guy in class who wouldn’t rat out cheating classmates to the professor, but he’d certainly give them a judgmental glare and cover up his work. At least during the Wrap anyway. There’s just something about Flemming that makes me think he was one of the all-time great tattlers at a child, along with Tim Duncan.

— But you know Larry Baer’s stoked tonight that Flemming stuck around after the Wrap. Damon Bruce would probably mention Manny Ramirez roughly 284 times after tonight’s game if he had the 10-midnight shift.

— At least I can thank Flemming for warning me what was about to happen to the Giants when he mentioned in the 3rd inning how Wolf is a 6-inning guy, and that’s why he doesn’t have very many decisions.

— But really folks, let’s face it — if you thought Joe Martinez was going to sail in and drop 7 innings of 1-run ball against the Dodgers, you probably also put $20 on the Giants to win the World Series in Vegas before the season. Not that I’d know. Now please excuse me while I go throw my wallet in a burning trash can in the Tenderloin.

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