Andrew Bogut Warriors

The Golden State Warriors faced a team playing without their three biggest stars for the second game in a row. This time they fared a little better, winning 102-83 over a Los Angeles Lakers team that ran out of gas in the third quarter on the second night of a back-to-back.

This probably wasn’t a must-win, but there would’ve been questions galore had the Warriors failed to beat a Lakers team that was without Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. David Lee had 19 points and 10 rebounds, and Stephen Curry had nine assists, but Andrew Bogut was the only starter who truly played well in a game where neither team shot 40% from the field.

Bogut continued rebounding at a high rate, pulling down 20 tonight (nine on the offensive end). He also added 12 points while making 6-of-12 shots — that ties his season high for shot attempts in a game.

“We want him to be aggressive. We understand who he is. He’s a dominant big man on the defensive end. He’s a dominant rebounder. He’s a dominant shot blocker and a guy that alters shots. He’s a big-time screen-setter,” Mark Jackson said.

“The last part of him getting back to 100% is his offensive game that he had in Milwaukee. He’s going to get there. We believe in him.”

Bogut had two lob dunks and and couple tip-ins, so it’s not like the Warriors have decided to start dumping the ball into their center every other possession. Not that Bogut is worried one way or the other.

“I’m not going to look for (my offense) like back in the day. I’m still fourth or fifth on the team in touches and I don’t mind that,” said Bogut. “We have a lot of good scorers. There’s no need for me to wave my hands trying to get touches.”

Bogut averaged 14 points per 36 minutes in Milwaukee, compared to just 9.2 points per 36 minutes with Golden State. However, his rebounding rate has increased by almost 20% since joining the Warriors. Bogut’s selflessness is one of the things that impresses Curry the most.

“He’s great mentally with his approach to each game because he knows how he can help us win, setting screens and rebounding the ball and defending the post,” Curry said.

“Anything offensive is a bonus. That’s huge for us to have a guy with that mentality and that willingness to do whatever it takes to help us win.”

Dub steps

— Bogut has grabbed 18 or more rebounds in three of his last six games. He has averaged 15.2 rpg over that span.

— The Warriors center has shot 50% or better from the floor in 16 straight games. Maybe a few more shot attempts per game wouldn’t hurt.

— Marreese Speights got ejected for a flagrant 2 when he grabbed Nick “Swaggy P” Young on the volume shooter’s second dunk attempt in a 30-second span. Before Speights exited he managed to score 10 points and block two shots under 14 minutes.

“That’s what we envisioned when we signed him. We know what he’s capable of and he’s a very talented guy. The last probably couple weeks he’s been very effective for us,” Bogut said.

— Seth Curry was signed by the Memphis Grizzlies today.

“This is a big opportunity for him to establish himself and hopefully stick on this level. I know he’s got what it takes. I think it’s a good opportunity for him there, with a team that’s established with their principles and he can learn on the go, provide them some scoring,” Steph said.

“It’ll be weird to see him on the scouting report come I think January 9 when they come out here. (I’ll) look forward to that one.”

— The Grizzlies have dealt with a ton of injuries this year, but with the Warriors’ depth concerns it seems a little odd that Seth never got a shot on his older brother’s team before another NBA squad swooped in. Seth averaged 21.3 ppg and 7.8 apg in 12 games with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

— There were some odd moments during timeouts during this game, including a marriage proposal that started near the end of a timeout and lasted longer than most. The guy was on his knees, and the girl he proposed to seemed a little hesitant to say “yes.” The guy kept talking and talking (trying to convince her, it appeared), and finally after play had resumed she nodded and kissed him. Then during the “Kiss Cam” several minutes later, the same couple was shown on the scoreboard taking part in a very tongue-heavy makeout session. It looked like a relationship that’s ready to stand the test of time, if by “time” we’re talking six months or so.