Brandon Belt talks a big game off the field – whether it be karaoke, ping pong, or now, miniature golf.

Last night, Belt went out with Minor League up-and-comer Gary Brown for some mini golf. And based on this tweet, seems like Belt had a strong hunch he might be victorious:
Brandon Belt undefeated mini golf

A few hours later, Belt tweeted:

Brandon Belt Channing Tatum rockin bod

Did he get hacked? Did he just really enjoy the “cinematic arts” of Magic Mike?

No. It turns out that unlike his season last year, Brandon did not emerge a champion. Instead, he lost a bet to notorious prankster Gary Brown and his Twitter account was the one to suffer. Moments later, he issued this “retraction”:

Brandon Belt Channing Tatum Gary Brown

It was also followed by this tweet:

Brandon Belt Gary Brown mini golf tweet

This interaction brings up several thoughts/reactions:

a) What would Belt have made Brown do if the situation was reversed? And
b) OMG OMG OMG I can’t wait for Brown to get called up.

If you aren’t already, make sure to follow @garybrown909 on Twitter. Through his tweets I’ve learned a myriad of things, including but not limited to:

  • He loves Anna Kendrick and Pitch Perfect
  • He watches The Bachelor
  • He loves Taylor Swift
  • He is basically a really funny 13-year-old girl

Oh, and he graduated from the Brandon Belt School of Food:

Gary Brown salad dressing

Although a lot of people don’t think Brown is ready to be called up, I disagree. And it has nothing to do with stats. Why aren’t  baseball decisions based off of Twitter? I don’t get it.