During Friday’s San Francisco Giants Media Day, Bay Area Stats Guy got a chance to talk to Brandon Belt about serious baseball-related topics. I went in the opposite direction. Not much in the way of hardcore stuff in my interview, no sir.

Instead of subjects that matter on the field, like adjusting to hitting at AT&T Park, I asked Belt about his favorite restaurants and getting on Twitter. That pretty much set the tone for this 3-minute interview. Other subjects include:

— The reception in Belt’s hometown of Lufkin, TX after winning a World Series

— Does he expect to play more in the outfield in 2013?

— Since he and Hunter Pence are the designated “awkward” players in the clubhouse, does Belt also plan on getting a scooter custom-made by team chef Joe Day?

— Since he is a more established player who probably doesn’t need to sweat whether or not he’ll make the 25-man roster, will he go into Spring Training more relaxed?

— Has he branched out and tried some more, ahem, authentic restaurants since tweeting about how much he loves Olive Garden and Chevy’s?