The San Francisco Giants clinched the NL West on Saturday night, and there might not have been anybody happier in that victorious clubhouse than Brandon Belt. Belt walked past me at one point clearly on a mission — I got my camera ready and a few seconds later I heard a pop and then a scream.

Just like on his double and home run to the opposite field, Belt connected. He sprayed Madison Bumgarner’s wife with champagne, and not just a little. She was soaked with bubbly.

Afterward Belt was talking to reporters, and his voice was nearly gone. I didn’t notice anyone else sounding that hoarse, and who can blame him? When asked about fan support, Belt said, “I’ve had a lot of times where I wasn’t doing that well, and they stood behind me. That means a lot to me so I’m glad we were able to do this for them.”

I asked him about losing his voice, and that kicked off this interview. I asked the first three questions, then Tim Kawakami followed with a couple more.