Brandon Belt is the starting first baseman for the World Series winning San Francisco Giants. He plays excellent defense, runs pretty well for a guy listed at 6′ 5″ and has been known to put a baseball into McCovey Cove from time to time. He’s also known by just about everybody as an “awkward” person, which makes him rare as a professional athlete but not all that uncommon on the team he plays for.

After all, the very GIFfable Hunter Pence starts in right field.

Pence has been on Twitter for quite some time, and while I haven’t read most of his tweets he seems to run his account with little to no awkwardness. It looks like Brandon Belt just entered the Twittersphere today, and based on his first two tweets I’m pretty sure the account is run by the Baby Giraffe himself.

Most athletes would pretend there were no spelling errors here. Others might have deleted the tweet and pretend it never occurred (49ers right tackle Anthony Davis deletes probably about 75% of the tweets he posts). Belt took a different tact.

No, it’s a great sign! The worst celebrities — scratch that — people on Twitter are the ones who take themselves too seriously. The great ones realize that Twitter is ridiculous, and getting wrapped up in presenting the perfect social media image is a waste of time. For an example of an athlete on Twitter who can laugh at himself, check out Brandon McCarthy’s avatar:

And right on cue, Belt changes his Twitter avatar from the generic egg to a photo of him with a giraffe. I think he’s getting the hang of it, folks.