At first glance the story sounded pretty juicy, based on this quote tweeted by a sports talk show host in Seattle.

Well, this rivalry has been kicked up a notch! Or two! Or even more notches than that! Notches for everyone! Forget Pete Carroll Giants jerseys and Seacocks, the list of people who’ve made their desire to throttle Jim Harbaugh public is growing!

  1. Jim Schwartz
  2. Brandon Browner

Pro Football Talk did little more than copy the quotes Dave Softy Mahler tweeted and surround the quote with a few pithy paragraphs about the rivalry. Since I’ve only written nine posts about the 49ers in the previous three days (sorry about that, other teams around here … or maybe they’re thankful, who knows), I decided to listen to the interview in full to see if a magical tool called context could add a little to the story.

Q: Look, I’m not sure if you saw it, but Jim Harbaugh a couple days ago gave his take on all the PED stuff happening in Seattle. Did you hear that, by the way, from Harbaugh and what was your take on that?

Browner: I didn’t hear it. What did he say?

Let’s pause this briefly. Browner DID NOT HEAR WHAT HARBAUGH SAID. Okay, continue …

Q: Well, he basically insinuated that it’s more than Adderall, and he talked about cheaters and all that kind of stuff. When you hear that stuff from a guy like Jim Harbaugh, what’s the reaction from you guys to that type of stuff?

I don’t have anything other than we’ve got to win football games. He’s a coach. He’s never going to be out there lined up against me. I wish he would. I’d put my hands around his neck. At the end of the day I’m about winning football games, man.

Browner was suspended for a positive drug test last season. Word is the drug was Adderall, a very popular drug for college kids pulling all-nighters, Lindsay Lohan and NFL players. I don’t really feel like getting into the specifics of the confidentiality agreement the NFL has with its players, because we all know the deal. The reasons to say you took Adderall — a drug prescribed to many — rather than admitting you took testosterone, anabolic steroids or recreational drugs, are obvious.

It’s not like it’s rare for a player to despise a coach in his own division, especially for a guy whose Twitter bio reads, “I don’t need you to tell me I’m the best corner in the league. The most physical corner will do…” Browner probably does want to choke out Harbaugh, and I’m sure several Seahawks (and Rams … and Cardinals) share that sentiment. But in the world of professional football, is putting hands around a guys neck all that crazy? Besides, maybe all Browner wants to do is borrow Harbaugh’s Sharpie.

Browner’s words would also carry more weight if he had seen or at least heard Harbaugh’s comments in full (you can do that here). But hey, Softy got a little publicity by posting the quotes on Twitter, although he didn’t send the link to many people. Just the a couple general posts and one as a response to a tweet from Kate Scott that had nothing to do with the 49ers or Jim Harbaugh.

One last thing: Chris Culliver could’ve avoided all that trouble if his most controversial comments were ones made about his desire to maim Pete Carroll. He’d be a hero around these parts, just as Browner probably is in Seattle right now for his remarks about Harbaugh’s neck.