San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs hasn’t played at all this season, and he seems to be getting more agitated in general based on what he’s been posting on Twitter lately. He’s retweeting people who mention him with the #FREEJACOBS hashtag, he’s made vague remarks about not liking one’s boss that he later told Matt Maiocco were in reference to his brother’s job situation — a lot of this has been covered by Kyle Bonagura, Matt Maiocco and David Fucillo, among others.

There was one thing that really caught my eye on his timeline:

I was in the locker room yesterday after the Jim Harbaugh press conference, and Jacobs sat down at his locker after briefly speaking with Maiocco. I assumed it was about how Maiocco was the first person to report Jacobs’ explanation of the “boss” tweets not pertaining to football or the 49ers, but I didn’t eavesdrop on their conversation. Then he talked to a couple other reporters for a few minutes, and it was clear he didn’t feel like talking about the Twitter thing anymore.

So instead of asking Jacobs about whether he wishes he never came to San Francisco (I think that’s fairly obvious at this point), I asked about the first part of that tweet I posted above.

First, a little background information. First, on Jacobs’ run-in with Rex Ryan last season:

Following the Giants’ win over the Jets in the Battle of New York, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs had some harsh words for Jets head coach Rex Ryan, telling ESPN that he ‘is a very disrespectful bastard.”

“I’m glad we came out here and gave it to him,” he said. “I wish I could have got a change to go over there on that sideline, but I never got a chance to get over there. That’s just how they do things. They’re disrespectful.”

According to several reports, there was a brief altercation between Jacobs and Ryan as well.

Jacobs also told the New York Daily News that he told Ryan to “shut the f*** up” (via ProFootballTalk). He also said Ryan responded by yelling, “Go f*** yourself.”

“I said I would punch him in his face,” Jacobs said, per Newsday. “I told him, ‘Out of all of these Giants football players on the team, you’re talking to the wrong one.”

However, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star Ledger, Jacobs told Ryan, “It’s time to shut up, fat boy.”

Ryan didn’t have much to say on the exchange.

“We had a private conversation,” Ryan said. “That’s all I’ll leave it as. Whatever. He doesn’t like me. I respect him, but I could care less about him.”

Second, why Jacobs might feel bad for Ryan these days: the New York Daily News quoting several New York Jets anonymously ripping Tim Tebow, calling him “terrible” and “the Wildcat guy.”

Here’s my minute-long conversation with Jacobs about Ryan and players anonymously bashing each other in print — something Jacobs doesn’t believe ever happened. Transcript is below.

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BASG: I know you already addressed the Twitter thing with Matt Maiocco…

Jacobs: Man, I don’t care about no damn Twitter, man. Don’t want to talk about…

(Jacobs stood up at this point and looked like he was ready to walk away from his locker.)

BASG: You said you like Rex Ryan.

Jacobs: I do like Rex Ryan.

BASG: Since you had your little dustup and stuff, have you talked to him since then?

Jacobs: I spoke to him when we played him. I have nothing against Rex Ryan. I think Rex Ryan’s a good coach. I just, I feel bad that he’s going through the things he’s going through in New York. I think he’s a really good coach. I know a couple guys who played for him and guys love him. Guys love him. So he’s got to be doing something. You can’t help the way the season turns out, the way things work. You can’t help that, but you also can’t give up on your team. You can’t give up on your coach. You’ve got to keep playing, you’ve got to keep playing for him. Because I’m getting to a point where things couldn’t get any worse and we all know what happens.

BASG: What do you think about people like that who anonymously talk badly about teammates?

Jacobs: I don’t believe that.

BASG: That it even happened?

Jacobs: No, I don’t believe that happened.

BASG: Made up?

Jacobs: It’s New York, man. You got to take that into consideration. It’s New York. That’s what you get. That’s what you get.

I’ve listened to this interview several times, and I still don’t know what Jacobs meant when he said, “Because I’m getting to a point where things couldn’t get any worse and we all know what happens.” At the time I was thinking about the Jets going to the press and complaining, but now I’m wondering if it’s possible Jacobs was referring to his own situation, and how he needs to stay the course and not let his own situation blow up in the press anymore than it has.