According to the NY Daily News:

CBS Sports Radio will soon name Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney as its morning drive team when the network launches January 1. We previously reported Tierney, who works at 95.7 “The Game” in San Francisco, couldn’t get out of his contract, but that issue appears to be resolved.

After checking around, this appears to be a done deal. Tierney will leave the Entercom station at the end of November. CBS Sports Radio is syndicated by Cumulus — the same media corporation that owns KNBR.

A lot of the feedback on Tierney has been pretty harsh on this site, and that’s to be expected when an “outsider” comes on the scene with a brash personality and a thick New York accent to match. The Tierney bashers are getting their wish. After working with several hosts (Eric Davis, Ric Bucher and a group of replacements after Davis left), he has decided to vacate the premises instead of fighting a ratings war with KNBR drivetime host Tom Tolbert, a battle in which the former NBA power forward had a huge head start.

Speaking of Mr. T’s, it’s the Tiki Barber half of this proposed show that makes me cringe. There’s a reason why the former All-Pro running back went from superstar crossover media personality to basically pleading for NFL teams to give him a shot at a comeback on Real Sports. Barber is an arrogant personality who is nowhere near likable enough to become a daytime TV mainstay (as he and NBC learned). As for morning radio, what Barber will likely bring to the table are what CBS Sports Radio and the hosts themselves will call “uncensored opinions.” Translation: Barber will rip current NFL players, coaches, GMs and owners because he has already burned just about every bridge imaginable. Then he’ll try and talk about baseball, basketball and golf and make a fool of himself.

If it isn’t clear, I am not a fan of Ronde’s insufferable twin brother. Listening to him speak is even worse than sitting behind a woman wearing his jersey at the NFC Championship Game (yes, that happened). But I digress…

While Tierney will no longer be heard locally during the afternoon, CBS Sports Radio’s relationship with Cumulus means there is a good chance we’ll hear Tiki and Tierney on KNBR 1050 starting in January, which means they’d be replacing “Mike & Mike” (Cumulus didn’t pair up with CBS Sports Radio so it could keep running ESPN shows). It could also mean Tierney starts contributing some “CBS Sports Minute” spots, which so far have ranged from fun and often silly (Tom Tolbert) to something that might as well be renamed the “CBS Sports Bummer” (John Feinstein), with a bunch of throwaway football predictions in between (Doug Gottleib).

As for changes on “The Game,” I’m hearing that Program Director Jason Barrett will probably look at a few possible replacements to pair with Bucher. Chris Townsend has been heard working with Bucher in the 3-7 pm slot a few times recently, but as of now there are no plans to break up “The Pulse,” the show from 10-noon that Townsend hosts with Matt Steinmetz. However, 95.7 seems to reshuffle their lineup every few months, with all pieces considered movable except for “The Rise Guys.” With Tierney leaving, the schedule could see some major changes on the Bay Area’s “new sound for sports” in 2013.