In 2010, after Ryan Howard was caught looking at a Brian Wilson cutter, I got a call from my dad’s cellphone. When I picked up and said, “Hey dad…” my stepmom, Karen, answered with, “WE’RE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!”

I couldn’t believe it.

Err, could you repeat yourself, please?


Suddenly, a pretty amazing night got a whole lot better.

It turned out that my dad and Karen had been celebrating the pennant-clinching win with a little zinfandel, which led Karen to get swept up in the moment, run upstairs and buy tickets. It wasn’t until later that night that she realized that the Game 1 tickets she bought were $500 per seat, not a total of $500 for four tickets in Section 138, Row 22 in the left field bleachers, about 15 rows back from where Juan Uribe’s home run landed.

In a related story, when I talked to my dad on the phone last night after the game, one of my first questions was whether they were having another zinfandel night. No dice, unfortunately.

2012 World Series tickets: still expensive

The good news when it comes to ticket prices: based on the lowest priced tickets for the upcoming World Series series between the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers, prices haven’t risen much.

The bad news: World Series ticket prices were pretty darned high in 2010.

I’m not sure which site Karen used to buy those tickets back in 2010 (or if her quoted price of $500 each included fees), but here are some things I found while messing around on Stubhub a little at 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Tickets start at $289 for Standing Room Only for Game 1 at AT&T Park.
  • That minimum rises to $365 for Game 2, $419 for Game 6 and $638 for Game 7 — before extra handling and convenience charges, which with tickets this expensive can get quite lofty.
  • Ticket prices for Games 1 and 2 have fallen a bit today, while prices for Games 6 and 7 have risen slightly.
  • If you want two or more tickets together that give you the right to sit down once in a while — when you aren’t cheering or dancing to Gangnam Style, that is — the best one could do for Game 1 (again, at 4:30 pm on Tuesday) is $350 each for two seats in View Reserved 334, the section in left field next to the auxiliary press area.
  • For Game 1, over 500 of the nearly 2,200 resellers are listing their tickets at $1,000 each or more.
  • For Game 7, fewer than 500 of the nearly 1,700 resellers have their tickets priced under $1,000 apiece.

Cheaper in Detroit, right?

Actually, they aren’t. San Francisco might have rents that dwarf most mortgages in Detroit (and most of the rest of the country, for that matter), but Tigers fans have been saving their money for World Series tickets. Hopefully they have been, because the lowest price for a SRO ticket at Comerica Park can be had for the bargain price of $364 in Game 3. Those minimums move up to $420 in Game 4 and $389 in Game 5.

Want a place where you can park your behind in Detroit? Get ready to cough up $420 for a seat in the Bleachers, Upper Deck or Mezzanine for Game 3. The best deal at Comerica might actually be during Justin Verlander’s start in Game 5, where you can get a ticket with a seat attached for around $400. There are almost twice as many tickets currently available for Game 5 (about 9,200) than either of the first two games, probably because Game 5 is on Monday.

Weather concerns

The storm that flooded the field during the 9th inning of the Giants’ Game 7 win looks like it’ll be a distant memory by the time Barry Zito throws the first pitch in Game 1, as the weather locally will revert back to normal for late October around here.

San Francisco forecast via

In Detroit, it’s actually pretty warm right now. Low 70’s, and Tigers fans are currently skipping through the streets in t-shirts and shorts as you read this. But by the time both teams take the field in Game 3, everyone will see their breath in the frigid Detroit air.

Detroit forecast via

Tim Lincecum weather, perhaps?