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Brent Jones suggests 4th and Goal fade in Super Bowl loss was Kaepernick’s call

Not that any 49ers fans want this wound reopened, but you had to know the 49ers’ Super Bowl 47 loss would get brought up after the world watched Seattle lose in quite a similar fashion Sunday.

Brent Jones joined Ray Ratto and Tom Tolbert on KNBR Monday afternoon to talk about the ending of the Super Bowl 49, and more specifically, the odd nature of the Seahawks’ decision making on the championship-to-go interception by Russell Wilson.

Tolbert and Ratto had chatted with Phil Simms earlier, and in that interview Simms vehemently rejected the idea that any quarterback in the league would simply ignore a call coming from on high if they felt it wasn’t going to work.

Jones had a much different take, and he pulled Colin Kaepernick’s fourth and goal fade to Michael Crabtree out of his pocket as some eyebrow raising evidence:

Jones: ” … Did Russell Wilson somehow call it? I don’t know that we’re going to ever get the real answer. Because I don’t think anybody is pointing the finger at Russell Wilson. Or at least not a lot of people that I’ve heard of.”

Ratto: “Well, Phil Simms, who Tommy said was on last half hour, said there isn’t a quarterback in the league who would overrule a call from the sideline. So that would seem to eliminate Russell Wilson as a possibility.”

Jones: “Well I know a guy that threw a fade with the game on the line a couple years ago and probably overruled a call from the sideline.”

Ratto: “Probably or did?”

Jones: “(laughs) You tell me.”

Tolbert: “Well you seem to know.”

Jones: “Oh! I’m not stepping in that.”

Ratto and Tolbert: “Well you just did!”

Jones: “What?! Hey you guys will never – it’s some things, it’s just like the Kennedy assassination, some things we’re just never going to know.”

Ratto: “If you knew who shot John Kennedy you’d damn well better talk by now!”

Tolbert: “And seemingly you do know.”

Jones: “Ooooh man.”

Tolbert: “Wait a minute, you’re not getting off that easy!”

Jones: “I’m not saying any more!”

Tolbert: “Well you didn’t mention any names, so what you’re saying is somebody may have overruled a call and thrown it where they weren’t supposed to throw it. In no game in particular.”

Jones: “In no game in particular.”

Ratto: “I love the smell of a burning gut.”

Jones: “I’m just saying. I don’t know that we have any… Unless you’re there specifically, and you don’t have an axe to grind, and you just, and you witness it yourself, you’re not going to be able to say for sure.”

I tried to figure out exactly what Jones meant by this when I was listening to it. He’s connected to the 49ers — he mentioned a minute or two later that he has friends within the organization. Is this one of those situations where Jones was told that was what happened and he couldn’t help but let it slip to Tolbert and Ratto? Or was he just making an educated guess based on the situation.

It certainly sounds like he knows something, and it seems like he backtracked after Tolbert and Ratto realized the turn Jones had taken. But who knows. And who really cares. It’s over, and now here I am, speculating on Jones’s possible speculation.

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