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Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy star in ‘Meet the Bloggers’ (video)

The interview session started out with a casual conversation with Bruce Bochy. We had questions for the manager of the San Francisco Giants, and he had questions for the four of us — Scott Willis (The Crazy Crabbers), Julian Levine (Giants Nirvana), Steven Robles (SF Giants Rumors) and myself.

Bochy asked stuff like: do you need a license to blog? Do you make any money? Then he dropped the line of the afternoon:

“My wife started one,” Bochy said. “It’s called ‘’ I couldn’t believe it was her that started that.”

Then Bochy let us in on a secret: he and Brian Sabean aren’t exactly IT professionals.

“I don’t go online a lot. I get a lot of my work online. The iPad and it’s pretty amazing what my IT department can do for us, get our scouting reports and everything. But I don’t do a lot of work on my computer. More than my general manager though, I’ll say that. Sabez, rarely does he ever go on.”

Most of our questions, not surprisingly, were for Sabean. I think we did a decent job of asking questions that other media folks might not (including a question Willis asked about defensive metrics), and he was forthcoming and honest in his responses.

A few things that surprised me:

1. How high both Sabean and Bochy seemed on Brandon Crawford.

2. Sabean might not be online much, but he’s a big fan of Bloomberg’s data analysis.

3. “People forget that Wilson crashed and burned and couldn’t finish the season,” Sabean said in explaining why they were so aggressive in re-signing Jeremy Affeldt and Javier Lopez.

I was glad I had a chance to ask him what his thought process was in terms of signing the lefty relievers so early, as well as whether they considered adding a free agent shortstop like Jimmy Rollins or Rafael Furcal.

The video’s almost a half hour, but I think it was worth filming that long. Hopefully you will, too. Pardon the lighting (we had no choice in terms of seating arrangement) and crowd noise — there was a group of about 100 fans down the right field line who were cheering periodically for some sort of commercial they were filming.

Near the end was probably the most awkward moment for me. I asked Sabean what I thought was a relatively innocuous question, what Bruce Bochy brings to the table that other managers don’t. I didn’t mean it as a shot at Bochy in the slightest, more just a look into Sabean’s feelings since they seem to work pretty well together. While Sabean spoke complimentary of Bochy, I kept looking over at the Giants manager, and he was staring right through me. I don’t know if he thought I was taking a shot at him, but by the look on his face it sure seemed like it. Hopefully it doesn’t mean us blogger types are no longer welcome…


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Probably should have added to your question, “because you two seem to be on the same page all the time”
Bochy’s wife may be adding you to her website mailing list.


Hey BASG, I’m frankly surprised to hear they are high on Brandon. They really don’t have a very good track record when it comes to giving young players much of a chance… in fact, from my perspective their veteran-centric philosophy has been the rue of position player development in the Giants farm system. I think you could argue that with the possible exceptions of Buster and Panda, they have botched the development of most of the rest.


Did he ask you about Stan? ..and how the team can’t hide players issues from him?
Lincecum has been all over the scale 147-197 and now 175? Somethings still gnawing at him. Ditto Huff.
At least they got rid of Rowan..I remember posting how he seemed liek an a-hole..and Kruk and Kuipe would then defend the guy to death.
Turned out I was right..he was a cancer.
With age comes wisdom and little room for taking BS!


147 – 197? Watching him the past few years, I find that impossible to believe unless its all being done off-season. Where did you get this?

Sports Girl Liz

I like how once you’re off the team, you lose your nickname. Where Bochy so lovingly used to refer to Jonathan Sanchez as “Sanchy”, he’s back to full name basis in this video.

King of Cali

Great Video! Glad we all got a chance to meet up again this year, and even chat with Sabean/Bochy.

King of Cali (Steven)


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