The photo on the right is of Brian Wilson getting what the kids call a mani-pedi at Bamboo, a beauty salon in the Marina. I couldn’t get my hands on a photo of the “pedi” part of the services he received, but for those wondering how and where he gets those colorful fingernails he’s been sporting for several weeks now — here you go.

Wilson, who is still recovering from Tommy John surgery, has been hanging with the team (instead of at his permanent home in the L.A. area) ever since the San Francisco Giants were on the verge of clinching the National League West.

This should surprise no one, but Wilson has hardly flown under the radar since re-joining the squad and lending his support in person. Pretty hard to do so when you’re pictured riding a scooter on King Street while wearing Nike Air Mags.

Hector Sanchez also looks like he dabbles with the polish, but he’s actually one of several Major League catchers who wears brightly-colored stickers on his fingernails in order to grab the attention of his pitchers while flashing signs. Others who wear these stickers include Jonathan Lucroy, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Kurt Suzuki and former Giants catcher Chris Stewart.

In Wilson’s case, heading to Bamboo to get a little pampering appears to be a way to show team spirit while garnering a little attention for himself. Or maybe he was just preparing for a little dugout dubstep session. On the ones and twos (and Clay Hensley), DJ Weezy!

(GIF via @natt0, who also put it to music.)