Brian Wilson wore an all-black ensemble, save for a little bit of gray on his Nike high-tops (not Air Mags this time, though I did ask him about those). It was like an homage to his beard, which many still love but an increasing number are wishing he’d shave.

That’s not happening anytime soon.

“I’ve cut a few hairs here and there. But overall, my care factor for how it looks is zero. It’s just fun for me to have,” Wilson said.

“It’s here right now. I don’t know about tomorrow, though. You might not recognize me. I think I was just destined to have one.”

Forget the beard, is Wilson going to be able to pitch? He started a throwing program on January 1, and said, “Everything’s right on schedule and feels really good.”

I had just left Tim Lincecum’s suite, where he promoted the greatness of Tacolicious and questioned whether or not Wilson actually eats Taco Bell.

“Oh, Timothy. Tacolicious is good, I’ll give him that. Yeah, I’ve had Taco Bell. C’mon. I’m human. Yeah, I have a strict diet, but who doesn’t like tacos?”

For more on Wilson’s off-season and what he orders at the Taco Bell drive-thru, press play on the video below.