I missed Tim Lincecum’s last start of the season. Maybe it’ll be his last start in a Giants uniform, maybe it won’t, but the 49ers were playing at the same time and being a regional sports blogger person means making the tough choices. Anyway, we have plenty of time to talk about whether or not Lincecum will come back to San Francisco (unless Brian Sabean announces an extension at tomorrow afternoon’s end-of-season press conference).

For now it’s a time to celebrate, because we’re going to avoid all those rumors and blog posts and talk show segments that we all figured we’d have to endure about Brian Wilson possibly coming back to the San Francisco Giants next season. No way that’s happening now, not after the scene that took place after the Giants beat the Dodgers, 3-2.

Brian Wilson Larry Baer

Photo courtesy of @carmenkiew

Wilson wasn’t quite irate, but he was definitely perturbed about something. And though he warmed up, he didn’t get to pitch in Thursday night’s game. Instead he sauntered over and gave Larry Baer a piece of his mind while the Giants were giving each other handshakes and high-fives.

People assumed Wilson was complaining about what he had to endure in the visiting bullpen. Then it became clear that jewelry was probably at the root of all this.

Brian Wilson is angry at the Giants for not picking up his 2013 option, and his bitterness has not dissipated. It boiled over on Thursday night, which makes it easy to believe that, despite his words to the contrary on Tuesday, he may have been a little peeved at the fans who booed him before and during his perfect eighth inning.

It’s almost enough to throw up your hands and wish the guy never was on the team, or that someone else could’ve saved Game 5 of the 2010 World Series. But knowing Wilson and his Jupiter-sized ego, no one should be all that surprised at what happened between Wilson and the Giants.

This was never going to end with a handshake and a quiet ring ceremony. C’mon, this is the “BLACK OPS” XXL Chalupa Bro, and he wants his old life (and $$$) back.

The man seemed larger than life during the first World Champions parade. I was five people away from the barricade on Fourth and Market, skipping out on work and standing up on my toes to see why no one was in Wilson’s trolley as it rolled past thousands of delirious fans. He was walking down the middle of the street, a made-for-TV star who soaked in the adulation like a living ShamWow. Who would think that a Giants’ closer would become a national celebrity? But there he was, bearded, weird, unique, and the perfect closer for a team that seemed almost kinky with the whole Wilson/Burrell “Machine” thing.

He used to claim to have an IQ over 180, but regardless of his true intellect he was never able to read the room all that well. This scene I detailed from a 2009 episode of CSN Bay Area’s “Life of Brian” is a good example:

brian-wilson-giants-life-of-brian0:18: Now we’re on a roadtrip, in Wilson’s hotel room. Exact words from Wilson himself, who I’m beginning to think has less perspective than a “Real Housewife”:

“I am REALLY, REALLY, really ridiculously hungry. Tengo hambre? En espanol? This guy (points to himself). Right here.

“11:45 right now, went to the hotel lobby, try to get me some food, and they said (in a mocking tone) ‘Oh, I’m sorry. We just closed the grill … five minutes ago!’

“Uh, I’m pretty sure the grill’s still warm. Why don’t you cook me something up, pal?

“‘No, we can’t do that.’


“So I went back upstairs. To my room. This is my room (points around the room … hilarious). Call room service. (Sigh) They say, ‘Hello, Mr. Wilson.’ I say, ‘Hello, room service … lady.’ I tell them what I want to eat, they say it will be about an hour.

“‘Uh, that’s not good enough. I don’t want food at one in the morning.’

‘Well, I’m sorry, Mr. Wilson, but we have a lot of hotel guests that are hungry right now.’

“‘OK, thank you, I’mnothungryanymore, bye.’ Click.

“I don’t want to wait an hour for food. I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m losing my voice. So maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up not hungry. Maybe I’ll reverse roles, like I go to bed hungry I’ll wake up not hungry. I’ll let you know in the morning. I’ll let you know. Anyways … good night. And we’ll talk later.”

And that was before most people cared about what Wilson thought about anything, even around here. With Wilson’s lack of perspective, no wonder he came out of hiding to get a little national airtime during the 2012 postseason without realizing (or caring) that some people may not have found that kind of behavior cute, hilarious, or to use one of Wilson’s favorite words, “delicious.”

It’s probably time to go back to that way we were before the beard, and just ignore Wilson. Let him be crazy in Los Angeles and whatever team he pitches for next. After Thursday night, the Giants are surely ready to turn the page … although they probably did that already.