It isn’t often that Bruce Bochy lets the media know that he’s upset with a specific player, but he sure seemed rather cross with Angel Pagan before Tuesday’s game against the New York Mets.

Pagan, who’s been struggling for over a month and a half (.222/.289/.266 since June 13), injured his left hand on Monday night after flying out in the 6th inning. He had to be removed from the game, and wasn’t in the lineup on Tuesday night either.

Pagan was also ejected on July 21 in Philadelphia for arguing balls and strikes. Like Monday night’s loss, that game against the Phillies also went 10 innings (although the Giants won that one, 6-5).

Here’s a minute-long portion of Bochy’s pregame interview where he talks about Pagan, where a noticeably perturbed Bochy said he’d talk more with the center fielder about keeping his emotions in check. Regardless of Bochy’s feelings, the injury couldn’t come at a worse time for Pagan, since he’s entering into a battle with Gregor Blanco for playing time in center after today’s acquisition of Hunter Pence (who’ll be the everyday right fielder).

“I think (Pagan) could use a break, too. I know he’s been frustrated. He’s been hard on himself. As far as the injury, I could use him tonight he’s bruised two fingers there and he’s pretty sore.

“He said he took the bat and hit something and I don’t know if it ricocheted, or splintered on him. I’m not sure exactly what happened to him. But we’ll talk some more about it. These are things you try to keep under control, and these guys are competitive and you understand that. But at the same time, we’ve got a couple games where he’s letting it get the best of him and they’ve been tight ballgames, and we’ve been a man short. So we need to keep our poise a little bit better.”