Busey and Barbara – An Oscars Recap

Some Oscar thoughts, to keep my mind off the Warriors losing at home to Atlanta on Friday night:

Busey v. Seacrest
As much attention as Gary Busey’s red carpet interruption is going to receive, there was one underlying factor that made the moment more than just another awkward interaction between actors: the chance that Busey was going to punch Ryan Seacrest.

Busey has been making money from his volatile personality for a while now, either in reality shows or by threatening Turtle and Drama in Entourage. As a result his current image is of the “loose cannon who may or may not be on dozens of drugs” variety.

When Busey started coming towards Seacrest, Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner, the ladies were a little worried, but not as much as Seacrest, who seemed to be searching anywhere and everywhere for security help that never came (on camera, anyway).

If Busey actually threw a punch at Seacrest and connected, that would have to be a top ten TV moment of all time, wouldn’t it? Millions throughout the world would have rejoiced, and the resulting shriek from Seacrest would be almost as amazing as the punch.

I’ll take Jon Stewart to block
If Jon Stewart’s career ends up in Arsenio-ville, the writers strike will be to blame. There were a few jokes last night that were OK, but it was easy to tell the Oscars were going to be a glorified clip-show if the strike hadn’t ended, much like The Daily Show was in recent weeks.

Hopefully for Stewart The Daily Show wasn’t ruined by the rubbish they were putting on the air during the strike (anybody who could make it through more than five minutes of Stewart uncomfortably laughing at clips of previous Daily Shows either has a crush on him or couldn’t find the remote), because there isn’t any other format Stewart handles nearly as well. I doubt we’ll see him host another Academy Awards. My guess is once Conan O’Brien takes over Jay Leno’s Tonight Show spot, he’ll be an Oscar host for several years in a row.

Does anyone actually like Barbara Walters?
Since I loved Juno (the only Best Picture nominee I even saw, look out Roger Ebert), I had to check out Ellen Page’s interview with Barbara Walters (who is currently being videotaped with camera lenses coated in saran wrap and butter — her interview shows look like a hour-long soap opera dream sequence) in her post-Oscars special.

Poor little Ellen, Walters gave her the total mom-treatment. The worst part was when Baba Wawa asked Page about “Anyone Else But You,” the song by The Moldy Peaches that played during the end of Juno. Walters brought up how The Peaches came on The View and performed the song, and that she just didn’t “get it.”

That was the question, if you can call stating displeasure over a song a question. That led to Page squirming and saying something about how the song was very honest and touched her, while she could barely look Walters in the eye.

In fact, Page couldn’t really look at Walters during the entire interview, almost like she was getting a lecture at work from a boss she neither likes nor respects. Or maybe it’s just really hard to look at Baba without all that soft-focus to cushion the blow.

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