This morning before heading to the Giants spring training game this afternoon, Buster Posey took to Reddit to answer questions.

In total he answered 26 questions covering a pretty large swath of ground while leaving some of the really crazy ones untouched. For example, he didn’t address the burning question (couldn’t resist the pun) on how much weed do Zito and Lincecum smoke in the off-season?

A sampling of the questions he answered included what parenting advice he had for Joe Mauer, how the crowd affects the game, his time in college, his favorite stadium, how he got his number, and his favorite players growing up. Questions in bold, Posey’s responses in italic:

I was a catcher throughout little league, high school and college. I am now 41 and have some pretty bad knees. How concerned are you about how this will affect your knees later on in life? Good luck on the upcoming season.

there are certain exercises and weightlifting techniques to try to keep your knees, hips, back etc. feeling as good as they can

Any advice to Joe Mauer on how to be an elite catcher while raising twins?

Get your rest when you can!

I was at Matt Cain’s perfect game, the energy of the crowd was electric! Does the crowd keep you focused or does it make it harder to concentrate?

If anything the crowd just adds to the adrenaline that you are already feeling. It’s really important in those situations to try and call pitches and do things you’ve been doing the whole game, and not let the excitement make you deviate from your original plan.

I was a big fan of your while you were playing at FSU. Just wondering, what do you miss about your college experience?

I miss the luxury living on your own with very little responsibility.

Other than playing in SF, what is your personal favorite stadium to play in?

Other than AT&T, Wrigley Field.

Your favorite offseason activity?


Who was your favorite player growing up?

I had several. I liked the pitchers from the Braves – Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz. Chipper Jones came along about the time I really started to watch baseball.

why number 28?

28 was the number they gave me my first spring training in 2009.

Not exactly earth shattering information. But hey, it sure is cool that he took the time out of his day to answer the questions. My favorite of all the questions he answered though has to be this one:

I am SF Giants catcher Buster Posey, Ask Me Anything. - IAmA(4)

If you are looking for the context for this, it is in response to the MLB 13 The Show commercial featuring Posey that was posted with his introduction.

Buster Posey is awesome.