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Buster Posey: this year’s Pablo Sandoval?

Sometimes, you can feel the rage behind some of Brian Sabean’s roster moves. There’s a point where the San Francisco Giants’ resident tire-kicker watches an awful loss, and at the end of the day does some angry due diligence and makes a reactionary roster move.

Luckily for the Giants, most of these moves make more sense than the ones in which Sabean is trying to be rational. Last year, when the Giants’ offensive malaise was reaching epic proportions, Sabean yanked Pablo Sandoval, Travis Ishikawa and Ryan Rohlinger up to the big club.

The influx of youth did the Giants quite a bit of good…actually, it was just that Sandoval was really, really good. The guy caught some, played a little first and mostly just smacked the ball all over the place. He was a versatile revelation before he was a street walking Panda, the only real reason to watch the Giants over the last month and a half besides Tim Lincecum’s quest to outshine Brandon Webb and CC Sabathia.

There are obviously many reasons to watch the Giants, but their offensive performance yesterday was too tough for Sabes to watch without doing something, and he did. Today, Buster Posey is the newest Giant, and if he can add the same type of boost that Fat Ichiro did at the end of last year there’s a good possibility we’ll all be scrambling for Standing Room Only tickets in the first or second week of October.

Wait, hold your horses. Sabean should be used to getting shut out by now on the road…is Posey a move to spice up the offense or simply to hold together the MASH unit it’s become?

Is Molina going to be a pinch hitter for the rest of the season? It’s not like his quads were his strong point anyway before he badly injured one.

Apparently Sandoval’s in a walking boot, which should spur the inevitable questions of how the Giants’ training staff is going to get Pablo to lose weight during the off-season (paging Tim Grover!). The more pressing question is whether Sandoval can be counted on to play every day in September. Sandoval and Posey could be a destructive duo. Posey by himself? That’s like throwing a penny into a wishing well and expecting to win the lottery 20 minutes later without buying a ticket.

Sabes is angry, the offense frustrated everyone yesterday (especially Jonathan Sanchez, who continues to quietly grow), and the Giants are left to throw out Brad Penny this afternoon — probably because they fear Lincecum’s workload is leading to a reduction in velocity. When the most tenured GM in the Bay Area gets upset it can sometimes lead to the only inspired moves of each season. Hopefully this is one of those times.

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