Buster Posey Giants media day

Since they won a World Series, it was a story that fizzled somewhat during the offseason. But during the dog days of 2012, when Tim Lincecum struggled and Buster Posey usually found himself at first base or on the bench whenever the two-time Cy Young winner pitched, the relationship between Lincecum and Posey was a big, looming, unresolved mess of a storyline.

On media day, the story came up again because you can only talk about Lincecum’s hair length for so long.

I wasn’t around for the quote that led to this tweet from Andrew Baggarly:

Lincecum PoseyHowever, I heard Lincecum give this very short answer to a Posey-related question.

(video: 16 seconds)

Posey was a little more chatty on the subject. In this video, he answered Lowell “Miss Manners” Cohn’s question about whether he likes Tim in the affirmative.

He also added: “Timmy looks great. He’s got a new hairdo, he looks like he’s in good shape.”

(video: 47 seconds)

After the questions kept coming, Posey set the record straight.

“I’ll just go ahead and say it so nobody else asks,” Posey said. “Tim and I are friends. There’s no issue there. So yeah, all is good.”

(video: 11 seconds)

I’m sure that’ll put a stop to this story from percolating. Yep, nobody will ever bring it up again. Until the next time Hector Sanchez catches Lincecum, or Posey “inadvertently” leaves Timmy hanging.