NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles ClippersCarl Landry is leaving the Golden State Warriors to join the Sacramento Kings and Jarrett Jack reportedly is heading to Cleveland.

Both contracts, along with every other NBA contract, cannot be signed until June 10 according to NBA rules.

Landry will make $26 million over four years in Sacramento after opting out of a $4 million option with the Warriors for next season.

The big man was a big contributor off the bench for Golden State averaging 10.8 points and 6 boards per game, but after the Warriors signed Andre Iguodala they did not have sufficient cap space to retain the services of the veteran power forward.

Landry’s departure leaves an injured Festus Ezeli as the primary big man off the bench. Ezeli was injured in Golden State’s final game of the regular season against Portland before playing through the knee sprain in the playoffs. Ezeli is due back in six to nine months, putting his return date at the earliest in mid-December.

Starting center Andrew Bogut has his own injury issues, and Andris Biedrins is no longer on the roster after the trade with the Utah Jazz that freed up cap space to sign Iguodala.

Jarrett Jack WarriorsJarrett Jack’s deal is also for four years, and the Warriors’ former backup point guard will make up to $25 million.

Jack averaged 12.9 points and 5.6 assists in Golden State last season.

Iguodala figures to handle the ball as a point-forward next season, while Stephen Curry will more than likely continue to start. Scott Machado could see increased minutes next year, and new draftee Nmanja Nedovic could factor in as well.

The Jack deal is part of a sign-and-trade that also gives the Warriors a Trade Player Exception (TPE) of $5.5 million. The Warriors can use those funds to trade for a player making that amount.

The Warriors currently have $2.8 million left in cap space for next season.