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Carlos Rogers says “I’m playing” in NFC Championship, 49ers aren’t into that “rah-rah” stuff

Carlos Rogers is a great radio guest, because while his filter might not be completely washed away it’s barely hanging on. When Tom Tolbert started out this week’s edition of Rogers’ weekly show on KNBR 680 with a question about how his hamstring feels and whether or not he thought he’d make it back for the NFC Championship Game against the Seahawks, Rogers interrupted him.

“Oh, I’m playing,” Rogers said. Then Ray Ratto asked if he’d be starting.

“I’ve been working in the nickel. Just taking Tuesday, Wednesday, doing a few periods, like two or three periods today,” Rogers said. “Tomorrow hopefully, no setbacks I’ll be going pretty much the whole practice. Make sure I’ll be ready for Sunday.”

Rogers in the nickel role would make Perrish Cox the dime back, unless Rogers either suffers a setback before or during the game. Rogers’ workload could be relatively light if Percy Harvin remains on the sideline after two head-rocking hits he sustained against New Orleans. If Harvin (who still hasn’t practiced this week) passes concussion protocol, Rogers’ role could be of vital importance.

After both coaches downplayed their own personal feelings toward one another over the last two days, it was refreshing to hear Rogers compare the rivalry between Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll to Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird. We all know these coaches can’t stand one another, and don’t even think either coach would refrain from using that dislike to motivate their respective teams if there was any chance it could work.

Rogers also sounded really confident about what he thought were the keys to Sunday’s game:

“Their fans are going to be real loud, especially with our offense out on the field. They’re going to be trash talking, getting in each other’s face, doing their little extra stuff. Frank (Gore) could gain five yards, (the Seahawks) make a good hit, they’re standing up, looking at their sidelines, all rah-rah. I expect that same stuff,” Rogers said.

“What I expect that’s going to be different, I think our offense is going to not turn the ball over. I think the defense will stop their run and make Russell (Wilson) throw the ball. I expect our offense to make plays. I think that’s going to be our biggest keys — not turning the ball over, stop the run. I think that’s how the game’s going to be. It’s going to be different.

“Last night or the night before that, they showed (Seattle’s 29-3 win in Week 2) on TV. It was 5-0 until late in the third quarter. You didn’t hear the talking, the trash talking, the rah-rah on the sidelines, because it was 5-0. The only thing that went up, then went up again, all this talking, and dancing with the cheerleaders, they’re all on each other’s face. We’ve got to go and not turn the ball over, and start fast. Once all the rah-rah and all that settles down and they’ve got to play football like they did when they came here, you’ll see a difference.”

We heard a lot of the same from Anquan Boldin yesterday.

“At the end of the day, you have to play football. You can do all the talk and rah-rah you want to, At the end of the day, you have to play football. (The Panthers) came in the game with trying to be chippy, hitting guys late, doing that stuff. When all that emotion wears off, you’re still left with playing football and that’s when the real guys show up.”

No “rah-rah.” Got it.

Here are a few photos of Rogers I took at the beginning of yesterday’s practice:

Carlos Rogers San Francisco 49ers practice

Carlos Rogers SF 49ers

Carlos Rogers practice hamstring

Carlos Rogers 49ers

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