March Madness

Cash, truffles, cookies … who won the prizes?

Congratulations to Fixing Clam Chowder, champion of the 2011 BASG March Madness Tournament Classic, presented by Zima! Did you know that domestic production of Zima was halted in 2008 (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!), but it’s still produced and marketed in Japan? Not only that, but according to one of the craziest ads I’ve ever seen, Zima is sold with a pair of pink lips around the neck of the bottle, with the idea that you drink Zima and kiss the lips at the same time. It’s not only freaky looking, it also assumes the only people drinking Zima also attend the AVN Awards every year.

Anyway, Chowder (who also goes by the name of Matt, a guy I’ve been friends with for almost 20 years) not only clinched the title (and $50) after the Huskies beat Kentucky on Saturday, he gained another 32 points from UConn’s horrendously ugly gritty win over the Butler Bulldogs that set the game of basketball back 50 years proved once for all that defense wins championships.

Matt finished with 115 points overall, and explained his blowout victory like this: after watching Kemba Walker and the Huskies make their run in the Big East Tournament, he was sold. Like he told me, “Melo did the same thing, and things seem to have turned out pretty well for him.”

Second place, and a box of truffles, was cemented by Bob’s Bracket on Saturday as well. Bob finished with 62 points, just ahead of a group of three teams at 60.

I didn’t check the Yahoo rules when I wrote last week how the tiebreaker would be won by whichever team came closest to the overall point total scored in the National Championship game. In fact, those are Yahoo’s rules, too! I’m so proud. I feel such a connection with the Yahoo brand now, one that I never experienced before. Maybe they’ll beat that big old nasty Google after all.

Sorry, back to the tiebreaker. Third place, and a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies from my wife, goes to ….. Go Time! We’ll be sending out their delicious and/or lucrative prizes ASAP.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and even if you didn’t win, here’s something to be proud of … Butler shot 18.8% from the field today. Everyone who finished their bracket got at least 35% of their picks correct! One shining moment….

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