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Radio Wars
April 15, 201455

March ratings and some notes on Byrnes, Bruce, Barnett

The ratings for all three stations crept up — slightly — in both Bay Area markets according to the Nielsen data. San Francisco January February March Station AQH% Reach AQH%

damon bruce the game
April 04, 201452

First impressions on The Game’s new hosts – Damon Bruce and Aubrey Huff

Monday was Opening Day for both local baseball squads, and it was also the first day for Damon Bruce and Aubrey Huff as full-time hosts on 95.7 “The Game.” As

Damon Bruce Hooters
March 14, 201433

Lowell Cohn was right – Giants revoked Damon Bruce’s 2012 postseason credential

After the San Francisco Giants clinched the National League West on Sep. 22, 2012 with an 8-4 win over the San Diego Padres, everyone in the press box hustled down

KNBR logo
March 13, 201431

What does Damon Bruce’s departure mean for KNBR?

Well, well, well. It looks like these here Radio Wars just got a little more interesting! Tuesday morning, our fearless leader sent shockwaves through the sports talk radio community (meh)

Larry Krueger
March 12, 201434

95.7 The Game tidbits: Bruce gets big raise, they also wanted Krueger

95.7 The Game has been mired in ratings mediocrity since scrapping their previous format to go all-sports and compete with KNBR, a West Coast juggernaut that has several built-in advantages

March 11, 2014137

Huge shakeup at 95.7 The Game – Damon Bruce in, Rise Guys out

I was on my way to a Spring Training game in Goodyear, when I realized I forgot my money and ID. Then I checked my phone on the way back

knbr porn memo
March 03, 201421

KNBR tipster sends ancient don’t-download-porno memo to Deadspin for some reason

Deadspin was forced to make a correction to a weird story about KNBR today. A “tipster” sent over a memo letting the staff know that downloading pornography was grounds for

pizza champagne amici's
December 06, 20136

Contest winner announcement, plus a couple things on the minor league station’s noon-to-three host

Thanks to everyone once again for commenting on all the contest posts this week. The winner of the 18-person Amici’s Pizza + Champagne Party is DBThree. Hope your coworkers appreciate

Damon Bruce Indiana Hoosiers
December 04, 201323

Top Bay Area media stories of 2013 (Part 3): Damon Bruce talkin’ sandboxes

His fans will probably complain that I am “piling on” by writing about this again. But when we look back at this year in sports media, it’s hard to find

Damon Bruce Book Cover
November 22, 201325

More fallout from the Damon Bruce incident

An anonymous reader sent in the photo below, which was recently taken at a bookstore in the East Bay. This is one of the reasons why I have no plans

November 13, 201358

Debating Damon: which woman would you choose to go on Bruce’s show?

We’re running toward the expiration date on the Damon Bruce saga. That’s no surprise, since the public has a set maximum on the amount of days they can stomach any

Lee Hammer Keith Olbermann
November 12, 201323

Keith Olbermann isn’t satisfied: Lee Hammer earns “rare consecutive night victory in world’s worst”

Keith Olbermann caught wind that Damon Bruce was back on the air, so Bruce’s boss got the “World’s Worst” treatment for the second time in five days. We probably should’ve

Damon Bruce Indiana Hoosiers
November 12, 201348

Damon Bruce: “I officially touched the third rail, and it has cost me dearly in many ways.”

Here’s how Damon Bruce started today’s show: It is awfully good to hear that song again. Several hours over the last few days where I thought I wouldn’t. I would

Darya Folsom Gary Radnich
November 12, 201369

Gary Radnich: Damon Bruce’s comments due to frustration over being stuck on “the minor league station”

Not much if anything has been said on KNBR 680 or 1050 about Damon Bruce, but Gary Radnich provided his take on the situation this morning on KRON (a station

November 11, 201332

Sources: Damon Bruce will host his show Tuesday, no longer on 49ers pregame show

According a source I spoke to and another one from KRON, Damon Bruce will be back on the air at his regular time tomorrow. However, he will no longer be

Damon Bruce
November 11, 201327

Damon Bruce has no one to blame but himself

No one from KNBR or Cumulus has, at least up until now, given an official statement on anything in regard to Damon Bruce. It’s hard to believe since it’s all

November 10, 201368

Ted Ramey will host tomorrow in place of Damon Bruce

Damon Bruce did not take part in KNBR 680′s pregame show before the San Francisco 49ers faced the Carolina Panthers, and I’ve been told he won’t host his show tomorrow

Lee Hammer
November 08, 201338

Thanks to Damon Bruce, Lee Hammer is Keith Olbermann’s World’s Worst

“A full day has past since one of his hosts went off on a wild, eight-minute rampage through his own deep, psychological issues with women. He hasn’t been suspended, reprimanded,

November 08, 201318

Damon Bruce: “Calling me a misogynist is a completely ridiculous thing.” (full transcript)

Yesterday’s rant from Damon Bruce has been picked up by several outlets, including Awful Announcing, Deadspin, SFGate, NBC Bay Area, Mediaite, The Mercury News and SB Nation. For those who missed Damon Bruce’s opening segment today where

Damon Bruce Hooters
November 07, 2013103

Damon Bruce: “sports has lost its way because women are giving directions”

The Richie Incognito flap has left a lot of people upset. Some are mostly upset at Incognito. Others (including yours truly) have turned their anger toward the Miami Dolphins organization

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