February 12, 201613

Biggest news from Oakland Raiders’ new lease has nothing to do with their new lease

The Oakland Raiders announced they have signed a one-year lease to stay in Oakland. The lease for the 2016 season also includes options to renew for the 2017 and the

January 22, 20161

Mark Mulder will do 20 games as Oakland A’s TV analyst (plus an Athletics offseason review)

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the A’s, mostly because their offseason has been less than eventful. But today there was some news. Mark Mulder will join CSN

December 25, 20156

Bay Area Santa Guy: Christmas presents for every local pro team’s fans

Even though they haven’t all been good this year, I’m going to play the role of Santa Claus today and slide down the chimneys of every professional sports franchise in

October 05, 20155

A’s season is over – time to light a candle

Well, that sucked. The 2015 season is now over, and so shall I also refrain from moaning and groaning about this wasteful year for the Green and Gold. We all

October 01, 201511

MLB talent level at its nadir

Have you ever watched a professional sporting event and been shocked at the level of play from the athletes? That’s nearly a nightly experience when it comes to Major League

September 28, 20151

Coliseum weekend of warm smiles and cold reality

I was at the Coliseum on Saturday for the Barry Zito vs. Tim Hudson matchup. It was something unlike I’d ever witnessed at a professional sporting event. The whole encounter

September 26, 20152

Zito vs. Hudson reminds everyone that baseball is very hard

Barry Zito had already allowed four runs, and was pulled after walking Buster Posey to start the third inning. Tim Hudson was removed from the game after hitting two A’s,

September 24, 20155

Zito vs. Hudson gimmick is all we have left …

… but it’s better than nothing. In a season filled with promise on both sides of the bay, the local baseball franchises will spend the playoffs like the rest of

September 21, 20150

Beware the perils of batting practice

A’s catcher Josh Phegley received a concussion after being struck in the head by a bat during batting practice before Oakland’s game at Houston on Friday. It left the team

September 17, 20154

Barry Zito is back

Many times in the entertainment world, an actor or singer is denied the opportunity to have one last hurrah. And in sports, oftentimes athletes suffer the same fate of never

big three
September 16, 201575

Billy Beane needs to get over himself and let Barry Zito start against Tim Hudson

This shouldn’t be all that difficult, but this is Billy Beane we’re talking about. It’s always got to be about him. It made too much sense for the A’s to

September 14, 20153

What happened to the Oakland A’s rotation?

It’s been a long season in Oakland. Time flies when you’re having fun, but it definitely drags when you’re not. Fans, for the most part, realize not every season can

September 10, 20151

Bob Melvin extension: good news in a bad season

Yesterday morning I received an e-mail from the A’s which announced that a press conference would be taking place at 3:30 pm at the Coliseum. It made a point of

September 07, 201515

Kephart clown show did more harm than good

Floyd Kephart, a private financial expert, was chosen by the city of Oakland to conjure up an investment plan for Coliseum City, an ambitious attempt to keep the Raiders, A’s

September 03, 20150

Only exciting A’s call-up is Dull

September 1st is the day each season when major league rosters are allowed to expand from 25 to 40 players. Not every franchise will add 15 additional men to the

August 31, 20151

A lost season for Coco Crisp

Almost all of us would have to say we had a pretty good year of employment if we earned $11 million. But while the monetary compensation has been outstanding for

August 27, 20153

Last place A’s: Mike Gallego first to walk the plank

I remember reading an article on SFGate last summer concerning the shared complexities, triumphs and failures of Mike Gallego and Tim Flannery, respectively the third base coaches for the A’s

August 24, 20151

Bullpen implosion caught A’s off guard

In professional sports, players sign contracts based on one of two factors: how they have performed in the past or the perceived potential on how they may perform in the

August 20, 201525

Dodgers’ bullpen problems go past the obvious

I was walking through downtown San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon, and with the A’s leading the Dodgers 3-2, I thought it might be interesting to check out the Dodgers’ side

August 20, 20151

Sonny Gray deserves the Cy Young Award

Post-season awards in baseball are not always deserved or justified.  Many voters cast ballots for their personal favorites or turn their back on worthy candidates because of vendettas.  Often writers

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