December 02, 201417

Report: Billy Beane and Josh Donaldson were “at war” during 2014 season

Some of the replies posted by Josh Donaldson on Twitter less than two weeks before he was shipped to Toronto raised eyebrows. However, according to what Scott Miller of Bleacher Report

November 29, 201415

Donaldson tweets about A’s ownership, Beane trades Donaldson, Reddick isn’t pleased

The A’s traded one of the three best players in baseball (according to combined WAR over the past two seasons) to the Blue Jays for four players. This isn’t surprising

Pablo Sandoval Giants 2014 NLCS Game 4
November 20, 201419

Waking up from a dream

Four years ago, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Two days later, they held a parade. Three days after that, I got married. On Oct. 29 of this year,

Billy Butler crop
November 18, 20142

A’s agree to a 3-year deal with Billy Butler

The A’s have signed free agent designated hitter Billy Butler to a three-year, $30M contract according to Robert Murray from MLB Daily Rumors, and confirmed by Buster Olney. Source: Billy

October 02, 201476

Why is criticizing Billy Beane off limits?

I’ve only talked to Billy Beane once — five years ago. I was a freelance writer for a website that focused on video games. I was never much of a

Marco Scutaro 2012 NLCS MVP San Francisco Giants
October 01, 201432

Top 10 SF Giants videos to get you fired up for the playoffs

Here we go again, Giants fans. It’s October. It’s an even year. We’re back. Yay. Its been an odd season, to say the least. Odd start. Odd middle. Odd finish.

Radio Wars
October 01, 201437

September ratings – did 95.7 just broadcast their last A’s game?

The Nielsen numbers were released two days ago, and KNBR finished No. 1 in San Francisco with a 5.7 rating. KCBS finished in second with a 5.3. Aaaaand that’s about it for this

a's wild card
October 01, 20145

Athletics’ Wild Card collapse loss mirrors their 2014 season

I had a recap ready to go by the eighth inning. I was going to applaud the A’s for their resiliency, for gutting it out and winning a do-or-die playoff

Hunter Pence Giants World Series Parade
September 30, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 110): MLB Playoff Predictions!

Bay Area Duck Guy and Bay Area Sports Guy offer their MLB postseason predictions on BASGcast. The guys (brilliantly) predict everything from the Wild Card to the World Series. ***

anthony davis alex boone 49ers
September 01, 201411

Labor Day roundup: Boone’s back, ANOTHER 49ers arrest, more Huff stuff, Giants & A’s heading in opposite directions

We just got back from a mini-road trip that started in Mendocino and ended this afternoon at a pool at a swanky hotel in Sonoma County (reports that we snuck into the pool are

Yoenis Cespedes throw
August 19, 20141

Did the Yoenis Cespedes trade screw up a good thing in Oakland?

On August 17, 2014, a strange thing happened: the Oakland A’s — a team that has scored an average of 1.29 more runs per game than their opponents this season

Bruce and Kim Bochy
August 14, 20142

BASG notes: Hawk does Hawk things, hang with Bochy, Warriors schedule and more

Before we get into the notes, jokes and curmudgeony comments, it’s time to update your calendars with a cool event taking place in a couple weeks — Bruce and Kim Bochy are

August 05, 20140

Fifth time’s the charm for Jason Hammel

This is the Jason Hammel the A’s traded for. There’s no palpable reason why he went 0-4 with an ERA over 9.00 in his first four starts with the A’s

Balfour rage
August 05, 20141

A’s strand 18, beat Rays (and former closer Balfour) in 10th

The A’s left 18 runners on base, loaded the bases four times, and went 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position. But being the A’s, they walked off anyway on a

a's trade
August 02, 201423

The Jon Lester trade better work out for Billy Beane

Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball is famous primarily for its description of how the Oakland A’s, a team with extreme salary restrictions, was able to compete in an unfair and unbalanced market.

July 31, 20143

BASGcast (Ep. 102): A’s make a splash, Giants do nothing at deadline

Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics made a big, unexpected splash in landing Jon Lester, while the San Francisco Giants came away from the trade deadline making no moves. Bay Area Sports

July 31, 20144

Beane can’t stop, won’t stop, trades Milone for Fuld … what’s next?

If general managers throughout baseball — wait, scratch that. If general managers throughout professional sports are irked in any way by Billy Beane, it’s not because Brad Pitt played him

A's trade Yoenis Cespedes  to the Red Sox for Jon Lester
July 31, 20144

A’s trade Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes

The A’s have gotten trade deadline day off to a bang, acquiring Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes according to WEEI’s Alex Speier. Boston is also getting a competitive

July 28, 20140

Chavez, A’s torched by dingers in Houston

Jesse Chavez had never been a regular starter prior to this season. After his performance on Monday night against the Astros, it’s apparent that the increased workload is getting to him.

Oakland A's AL West Champions
July 23, 20140

BASGcast (Ep. 101): Wendy Thurm talks Oakland A’s; BASG and BADG discuss Price/Zobrist rumors

The A’s are the best team in baseball, and Wendy Thurm discusses Oakland heading into the trade deadline with Bay Area Sports Guy and Bay Area Duck Guy. Topics include

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