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July 09, 20150

Jake Smolinski left lasting impression on A’s

Last September the A’s were wrapping up a second half free-fall, one which saw them squander their divisional lead and nearly their grip on the second Wild Card spot. In

July 06, 201510

First to worst in one year

Life in general is short but life in professional sports is even shorter. It’s a precarious venture and very temporary in every way. It is difficult enough to make a

July 02, 20154

A’s fans have every right to believe crazy rumors

On Tuesday morning we received word that A’s pitcher Sonny Gray had been scratched from his scheduled start that night against the Colorado Rockies. Immediately, thanks in part to a

June 29, 20151

Is Josh Reddick an All-Star?

One rather weird and unsightly aspect of being a major league manager is the month-long campaigning they do every June for certain players to be included in the All-Star Game.

June 25, 20151

Josh Phegley can hit, too?

The frustration of watching Derek Norris play catcher was palpable. It didn’t matter how many times I yelled from my seat at the Coliseum or how many times I threw

June 24, 20155

Another false dawn or a turnaround for the A’s?

There have been very few moments this season when the A’s have made overtures toward turning their awful season into something more palatable. But almost without fail, whenever it looked

June 18, 20153

I love Jose Canseco

I remember I once went to an A’s game in September of 1985 with my Dad. Playing left field that night was a guy called Canesco, or so I thought.

June 15, 20153

Oakland A’s must build around Sonny Gray

By now, most A’s fans know to not get too attached to any one player. The simple fact is that players do not wear the Green & Gold for very

June 11, 20151

Oakland A’s draft highlights: two shortstops, four pitchers and a CF with a great name

I love sports drafts. It’s a time when excitement builds over adding young, fresh talent to your team. In every sport except baseball, there is also the undying angst of

June 08, 20150

Pat Venditte is no gimmick

Baseball history is full of colorful gimmicks and quirky stunts. Bill Veeck was the king of such things. He once owned, at separate intervals, the White Sox, Indians and Browns.

June 04, 20155

Will the Oakland A’s be buyers or sellers?

Two weeks ago it seemed like the A’s were a runaway train heading directly to the golf course in October. Everything was going wrong, from leading every continent in errors

June 01, 20151

Jesse Chavez: A case of perseverance

If you asked anyone who the best starting pitcher on the A’s is, they should all correctly answer with the name of Sonny Gray. But what about the team’s second-best

May 28, 20151

Billy Burns seizing opportunity with Oakland A’s

The list of “nearly” men in baseball is a long one. Countless thousands of fantastic players, guys who dominated at the high school and/or college level, never got the opportunity

May 25, 20153

Washington, D.C. (Defensive Coordinator)

The A’s had a good weekend. Hell, they had a great weekend. They won both games against the Rays in Tampa Bay, their first “winning streak” since April 14. Billy

May 21, 20152

Are the A’s really this bad and the Astros really this good?

Are the A’s really this bad? Yes. Sorry, but they stink. Are the Astros really this good? No. But I wanted to take a closer look at Houston because they

May 18, 201522

Report: Plan for Raiders stadium in Oakland is “gurgling blood”

The Oakland Raiders need a new home and the fans are torn between the two options. Having found success in both Oakland and Los Angeles, the Raiders are a rarity

May 18, 20151

Oakland A’s quiz: How many can you get?

As I settled into my seat yesterday at the Coliseum, the A’s had contrived a way to make two errors before they even had a chance to hit. It was

May 15, 201512

Report: Troy Tulowitzki is a traitor to the Oakland A’s

After doing what they always do, the Colorado Rockies are probably going to have to trade the franchise’s most talented player in relatively short order. The Rockies began the season 7-2,

May 14, 20156

The second-guessing of Bob Melvin

Managers can never really win. The only time a skipper can escape blame is if he wins a World Series, but even then there will be critics who will point

May 11, 20153

10 things that are actually going right for the Oakland A’s

The temptation to lash out in this space again and point a finger at the shortcomings and general malaise of the A’s shall be rebuffed today. It’s too easy to

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