a's blowout
August 17, 201517

Struggling A’s relentlessly searching for new depths

Yesterday the A’s were abused in ways heretofore unseen in their Oakland history. They surrendered 26 hits to the Baltimore Orioles in a humiliating 18-2 loss, their sixth in a

August 13, 20154

The Mark Canha experiment was a bust

When you’re a baseball team with a low payroll, you need to find talent any way you possibly can. It’s not always through the June Amateur Draft, trades, the waiver

August 10, 20152

A’s and Astros: A contrast in ambition

Investing money in any venture or pursuit is always a risky proposition. And when it comes to professional sports, we constantly hear sad tales of athletes who have squandered all

August 06, 20154

Oakland is a baseball sanctuary for discarded players

Many of you know that the city of San Francisco has a controversial sanctuary policy concerning certain individuals. I have no intention of getting political with this column, but I

a's walk-off
August 03, 20150

A perfect weekend in Oakland

There are two full months of regular season baseball remaining. Most teams have realistic or possible designs on procuring a postseason spot. Two wild cards in each league means there’s

LA Dodgers Oakland A's
July 30, 20154

Postcard from Dodger Stadium

I hate the Dodgers. It has nothing to do with any Giants connection because I’m not a Giants fan (what a shocker.) It has to do with what happened in

Tim Hudson
July 27, 20156

A great solution for Tim Hudson if Giants acquire another starter

I heard something in the press box yesterday that was brilliant, only I can’t credit the person who said it. For one thing, it’s hearsay. “You know what so-and-so suggested?”

zob clip
July 27, 20157

The A’s are a bus stop for their players

When I was a little kid, I asked my Dad why the A’s and Giants didn’t play each other. He explained that it was only possible in the World Series,

Buster Posey SF Giants
July 26, 201515

SF sweeps Oakland: Giants rotation, closer aren’t perfect, but they can hit

What else could Giants fans, or the Giants themselves, ask for? They lost two starting pitchers before the season even started. They lost their two best outfielders for extended periods.

July 23, 201511

Scott Kazmir dealt within division – What is Billy Beane thinking?

Leave it up to Billy Beane to fire the first big shot (and display a large white flag with the words “2015 SEASON” in green and gold) before the non-waiver

July 23, 20151

Bobby Crosby returns for a good cause

Every team seems to have one: a guy who gets all the blame, receives non-stop derision, and can do nothing right. Whether or not the latter is necessarily true or

July 21, 20152

A’s have “Plan B” ready

There’s a saying in warfare: once the bullets start flying, all strategies are thrown out the window. It’s often the same way in sports. Injuries are usually the main culprit

July 16, 20151

Move Marcus Semien to left field now

Sometimes being stubborn pays off. Other times, being stubborn can be detrimental. The Oakland A’s insistence on making Marcus Semien the everyday shortstop has been an enormous flop. I don’t

scott kazmir
July 13, 20152

Three A’s must go soon

It’s time to quit screwing around. This is simply not the A’s year. They find new ways to lose just about every night. I realize that they aren’t as pathetic

ms js
July 09, 20150

Jake Smolinski left lasting impression on A’s

Last September the A’s were wrapping up a second half free-fall, one which saw them squander their divisional lead and nearly their grip on the second Wild Card spot. In

July 06, 201510

First to worst in one year

Life in general is short but life in professional sports is even shorter. It’s a precarious venture and very temporary in every way. It is difficult enough to make a

July 02, 20154

A’s fans have every right to believe crazy rumors

On Tuesday morning we received word that A’s pitcher Sonny Gray had been scratched from his scheduled start that night against the Colorado Rockies. Immediately, thanks in part to a

June 29, 20151

Is Josh Reddick an All-Star?

One rather weird and unsightly aspect of being a major league manager is the month-long campaigning they do every June for certain players to be included in the All-Star Game.

June 25, 20151

Josh Phegley can hit, too?

The frustration of watching Derek Norris play catcher was palpable. It didn’t matter how many times I yelled from my seat at the Coliseum or how many times I threw

June 24, 20155

Another false dawn or a turnaround for the A’s?

There have been very few moments this season when the A’s have made overtures toward turning their awful season into something more palatable. But almost without fail, whenever it looked

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